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Gun Cleaning Tips


Thanks. Ordered! LOL


@KM55 when I run the 20 gauge bore snake through my 40 it seems pretty snug.Did you find the 12 gauge pulled through smoothly didn’t have to yank on it or anything to get it through?


@MrCoffee I bet you there’s a lot more people that depend on a sub 2000 as a primary than you think.
I have 3 sub-2000 one is stashed in the house. one in the truck,and 1 in a backpack.
The things are inexpensive very versatile and as far as reliability goes the Gen 2 Kel-Tec SUB-2000 is showing me it’s extremely reliable and can be counted on when needed.


I don’t doubt ya and the old saying “what works” for you applies. I guess I will always be a handgun guy. What is true for both is that precision shooting is a perishable skill regardless of weapon. Practice, practice, practice.


Oh make no mistake,
I’m a handgun Guy to + a shotgun guy an M4 guy and AR- 10 bolt gun black powder guy etc ect. I was just addressing the fact that I believe that there are many many people out there using their Sub-2000 for a primary.


I don’t find it that difficult as I just spay down with ballistol scrub with tooth brush clean tube with rag etc.

Frankly I take a all my guns once I feel the are broken in tweaks worked put and shoot as long as I can to see when they will fail from lack of cleaning. I like to have that knowledge in the memory banks.

Then I shoot and clean as needed.


I would say CRC electric contacts cleaner might be the same thing. any auto supply store.


Man, sorry for getting back so late. I’m having trouble figuring out following along with this forum system. you’ll have to bear with me guys.


I use q tips but it’s not a good long term solution.


As others found…very dirty rifle. Cleaning…I’d tried some or most suggestions above.
Worries: none…just how it is.
Trigger group & dirt. Needs a full disassembly to really get it clean.
I’d shot maybe 1,000 rounds thru gun before I DID take it all apart to install MCarbo trigger spring kit
( LOVED the change )
Surprised: trigger area about 90% clean when I opened it up!! So I stopped worrying about it much!


@Cobbler00 if you ain’t Cav, you ain’t sh*t!


When I was on the PD, we used spray cans of Brakeclean to clean our Glocks after a day at the range. Spraying down the gun dissolves most of the build up and it dries clean. Make sure to wear gloves so as not to expose skin and use in a ventilated area. We used latex gloves and usually did this at the outdoor range.It removes everything so you do need to reapply whatever lubricant you are using.


Interesting. The brakeclean didn’t affect to polymer? Nice to know.


Thanks for posting This’ I posted the same, and I know some of the forum were shaking their heads in Disbelief,


Not gonna lie I haven’t cleaned mine in forever. I’m seeing how long before it chokes itself out. Hopefully by then I’ll have an ultrasonic tub to soak it in.


Would this harm the factory paint jobs like Tan, Blue, or O.D. Green ?


I believe the parts are dyed, not painted. Don’t quote me on that, though. :slight_smile:


But, if they are dyed, the color/pigment is integral to the polymer and using an ultrasonic cleaner wouldn’t be an issue. You’d just have to confirm with Kel-Tec if the parts are dyed or painted.


Mine is O.D. Green. Had to split the grip halves one time for a trigger issue. Had to sand some plastic flashing and the black was exposed. Also cut down my buttstock with the same results.


Ouch. Good observation. Maybe they are indeed painted, cerakoted, etc after all…