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Guide To A Perfect Sub2k Detailed Summary


@blowback There is no reason to remove the ATI butt stock pad. You can remove the butt stock with out taking the ATI pad off. It is soft which helps more with felt recoil but because it’s soft I hear it can split if you take it off and put it on a lot. Mine is fine and I just leave it on. It is molded around the plastic butt stock and just held in place by it’s form and not screwed on.


i added the magpul foregrip.
I just got the recoil buffer and screw replacement package
On to my next upgrade which will be the offset rail for my red dot sight…

Looking For Sub2k Buttstock Pad Mod

Guys I had to make 1 modification to the cantilever mount. After 2 visits to the range I found that the 1/4 inch rise rail was thin enough to vibrate and the red dot would vertically blur from the vibration of recoil. That made rapid 3 shots in 2 seconds tuff. I added a bumper to the bottom of the rail. Tall enough to just barely have enough tension via contact to not bounce or vibrate, yet not angle the rail or change my zero. So the 2X optic where I want it and Now no vibrations and rock solid stable dot. Perfect.


You have the bumper mounted into the rail’s screw hole, correct? Looks stable


Actually because it is a cantilever riser, there wasn’t a screw hole. Gorilla brand super glue. Works perfectly. Very stable. Brings the optic closer where I like it and no vibration to blur the red dot anymore. Because the riser is 1/4" high the flip down sight sits perfect for cowitnessing.


Great information, read every word. Recently bought my first Kel-Tec and your information gives me a lot to consider for making my rifle more enjoyable.

Thank you!


Just wanted to thank you for the recoil pad recommendation.


@Dumasor you’re welcome. Hope I saved you some money at minimum some time or effort.


Been thinking about this for a while and your posts and pictures were the catalyst. The gun is just easier to shoot now. What I did not expect was having a better sight picture on the iron sights after installing the pad. Part of that is the increased length of pull gives me a slightly better angle on the sights, part is, as the pad is a little larger, it’s easier to pull it higher into your shoulder. This gun is set up with a quick release mount and RDS but the option to use iron sights is nice.