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Yes, I guess ‘you factory workers’ called me ‘a suit’ back then? I worked as ‘claim support’ for GMPP (extended service plans.) I was a telephone rep back then… Does one ‘still’ call that 4 lane ‘Spaghetti Junction?’ Those were the good ol’ days for sure. Thanks for sharing the memory.



Ha! I reckon I should have made myself clearer. I never actually worked for GM but I did work for Motorola as a 2-way radio communications field engineer before the Hapeville plant closed down. After I left big M, I went to work for a little upstart company made up of other former disgruntled Motorola employees and believe me, big M was NOT happy when we snagged that fat contract @ Doraville away from them! Shortly afterwards, I got sideswiped by a drunk driver who traveling over 80 mph (estimated by a state trooper), was ejected during the rollover and after 2 failed spinal surgeries, have been disabled ever since!
Oh and “Spaghetti Junction” is still there but it’s not anything like you remember as it’s probably at least 10-15 times bigger than it was back then:


the latest ‘big scare’ from a couple months ago:


the wrecks are quite often, tho not often fatal. Then some are:



Wow. Guess ‘we’ all have a disability story? I was terrified of “Spaghetti Junction” back then! I didn’t care that my 62 miles (one way) trek took me an hour and a half. My farmette was my weekend haven. A lot of those radio and speedo ‘electronics’ were farmed out to little ‘upstart’ companies. I use to approve those repairs rather than a component replacement from the factory. The ‘other’ end actually saved the company lots of money rather than replacing defective units. Factory workers didnt like losing the contracts because it cut out OT wages!


welcome to the forum karl @Karl


This is a call out to anyone in lower WI or NorthEast IN or in the Chicagoland area. Were are looking to start a local chapter to get together once a month or every other month at a range that changes location each get together as not to always be too far from any one given person.
We can share ideas, set up a chrono, or whatever just a chance to shoot with like minded Sub2000 enthusiasts. No dues, no commitments, just a get together at a range. Maybe use one of their training rooms for 30 minutes or so. Would like to set up a first gathering in March in Waukegan. Then we’ll decide when and where to go after that.
If interested, please PM me and I will give you my phone and an email. So that way no one’s personal information is out in the public spotlight.


To PM click on the Chimp icon and click the blue [Message] button.


@Gatekeeper sounds like a good idea pity im in ireland


Should you ever find yourself in Chicago land, please reach out. Wish you well.


@Gatekeeper i will certainly do that if ever i got the chance thanks for the offer