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yep, Tamper Bay member here, living in the exact geographic center of the peninsula on the peninsula (Pinellas)… usually go to Shoot-Straight early in the am during the week to avoid crowds (very busy on the weekends); 25-yd range supports shotguns and full-auto… there’s an outdoor range up the street but haven’t been to it yet

on the Gulf of Mexico


Thanks for the welcome,

Yeah, that sounds real good. I like anywhere up that way. Dafuniac Springs area is rural. Have friends up that way.

Can’t open fire weapons in any of the forests here except humtimg.

See you around the forum. Which 45 degree offset optics do you like?



Where in north central Wa.? I was in Leveanworth for a few weeks this summer.
Beautiful area but the fires had it so smokey.


I haven’t used 45 offset on the sub yet. I thought about how I would use that set up if I did. I don’t think it’s something I would personally use but if I did probably just have some (MBUIS) Magpul Backup iron sights on it in case my stock sights lost zero or something unexplainable happened, which for me with my luck might not be a bad idea LOL


@Turmeric1 I’m just north of Leavenworth outside a little tourist trap called Winthrop on Hwy 20 which is the old west version of Leavenworth. This summer was one of the smokiest yet but I’m afraid it is becoming the new norm. I did hear some bureaucrat talking the other day about significantly increasing the amount of thinning projects in the Okanogan National forest. I hope so…


Just as flogrown said, let us know if you are ever in the area we will setup a group shooting. Every brother is welcome.


Wenatchee Porsche/Audi/ VW !! In the 80’s Family Owned’ Loved the (4) Season’s, And to Grow Real Tomatoes, that you can Taste ! Unlike The Almost Produce we get Via Barge Here! :sunglasses:


@rrorcpa. @Kona, @Smoke Close enough to open a M*CARBO GUN RANGE, not to give @ChrisNelson any range of ideas? mybadd?


I’m all about it but before we build one…What do you guys think about meeting up at Reload Gun Range in the New Year?! Feels like Vegas every time I walk in there? https://www.reloadguns.com/


@ChrisNelson could be doable. Name the weekend.


I’m all for it. just gives us a date and the NE Florida group will be there.


Rancho Cucamonga kommiefornia. Try to get out and shoot as much as I can.


I can ‘see’ why you have VEGAS written all over your face when you walk through Reload Gun Range. I see a day of shooting, comradeship, sports pub atmosphere, and family fun. This would be an opportunity of great multitude. My wheels are spinning… However, @ChrisNelson, I without forgetting, I need to inbox you about a personal ‘shop’ transaction of ours, so I will have to bid our M*CARBO FAMILY A WONDERFUL EVENING!


made trust level 3 a few hours ago thanks to all on forum could’nt have done it without you :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks: @Kona


@hunter1916 they grow up so fast :sob::sob::sob:


@Kona you make me laugh brother whoooo​:joy::fist_right::fist_left: congrats @hunter1916


I’m about 5 miles south of the GA/NC border. Just south of Lake Chatuge and the little town of Hiawassee, Georgia. Why, they done got two red lights now!



I lived in Newborn, GA in the early 1990’s and commuted to Sandy Springs daily, working for GM. Nice place, brother!


Mobile, Alabama here. Damn proud of it too! I


Thanks! My mom was born and raised in Young Harris. It WAS really nice up here until all the tourists moved in! It ain’t nothin’ like it was when I was growing up. We lived in Mableton and back then it took a good 3 and 1/2 hours to drive up here-if you didn’t get hung up behind a chicken truck, then it could take 4 hours or more. Nowadays, since they built the 4 lane I have made it in an hour and a half but it’s growing up along the new road so much that soon enough it’ll be just like it was back then .
Funny, talking about GM-I used to help maintain the radio system at GM Hapeville and I helped install the last radio system at the Doraville plant before I got hurt in 1989. Now both plants are long gone. And with the way GM’s mgmt. is going, so will GM!