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Group Regional Thread


This was my first NRA attendance, really enjoyed it. Walked way too much, but worth it. I saw more media covering the protests than there were protesters.



Shoot there all the time. It’s about 2 miles from my house. Like that you can police your brass, and safer than the range on Westheimer Parkway. That’s the wild west on the weekend.




Protesters? What, all nine of them? That’s why anytime the Deep Media says something about Gun Control groups, I make sure to go to the Comments section and point out that none of these gun-control groups are “grassroots”, that in reality they are pure 100% AstroTurftm - FAKE.


I’m just North of Hillsboro, Texas.


Twin Cities up in Minnesota. Will let you all know how the Sub runs in 20 below – gimme a “few” months :wink:


im in south central idaho, 45 miles north of the nevada border. any other high desert members out there?


Other side of the state but my touring band played Jackpot by you many times in early 2000s, by ‘04 it was dead there for music. Us anyway. Love that part of the country. We had a blast👍


ah jackpot,I know it so well. gambled there lots. The whole place just died off. not just dead for you guys, just dead all the way around.

What band name? Played at cactus pete’s im guessing.

No bar, band and great dancing anymore across the road at the horseshoe club. no cafe. (they had the greatest combo bbq platter).


My main casino band was called AMFM Reno, classic n alternative rock. Yup Cactus Pete’s. Gig was six nights/four hour long sets a night. Played myself skinny! If I remember our last gig got cancelled. We ended up doing Rainbow casino in Wendover on the Utah border and Red Lion in Elko a lot. Here’s a cut from that era.


sch-wing!! my favorite sabbath song. and very nicely done too.
in high school my buddy and I would always go get lunch down the road then come back and sit in my 73 ltd with a muntz underdash 8track that cranked or in his 69 mustang coupe with a factory am/fm-8track and rock out to that album…

somewhere I probably still have that tape in a box, along with Atlanta Rhythm Section, Neil young, Led Zeppelin, deep purple, etc.

thats awesome, thanks for the link

and how funny, ive been in the rainbow and red lion too. haha


Any Georgia people? I’m in the south end of Atlanta, Newnan area. I would love to set up some kind of meet up for locals if there are a few people who are interested, I want to put our minds together, drink some beer and figure out ways to make our firearms better.


Any Colorado Springs members here?


North carolina here. Anyone else around these parts


Near Salem Oregon in the Willamette Valley…


North Central Wa. State boondocks here. @Boomchucker the War Pigs was AWESOME bro!! :sunglasses: :clap:


Anybody from the Tampa Bay Area? Any KTS2K shooting groups around? I’d like to get out on some acreage.


@Superglide, if I’m not mistaken you may be pretty close to @SwishaHouse I believe he told me he was around there somewhere. He seems like a legit dude


Thanks, I reached out to him with a PM.


No problem it’s awesome to meet and shoot with fellow brothers it’s more than a forum for me for sure


@Superglide BTW welcome to the Brotherhood enjoy your sub I love mine. If your ever coming to north Florida hit me up I’ll go the range with you or we can do some shooting out in the sticks where we don’t need a range