M*CARBO Brotherhood

Group Regional Thread


Welcome to the group. A lot of good people here!


Another Texan. :cowboy_hat_face:
Welcome sir!


Welcome from Virginia!


Welcome from West (by god ) Virginia. Thank you for your service.


Thank you. Just got back from the range and took this pic of a 100yr group using my newly installed mcarbo trigger kit.


@comancheken Great to have you here Brother!

Thank you for your Service!


Welcome from Dallas! :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks all… Happy to be here as well. Went and tried out my new M*CARBO trigger kit. 100 yards



Thanks all… Happy to be here as well


I missed the “introduce yourself first” post so I’m taking a step back and doing it now. Just joined the forum this week and so far it has been a great source of information. I received my first gun at the age of 9, an Ithaca 49 Saddlegun, from my dad and have been shooting since. Well, I should clarify that for the past 20 years I have not been as active since I married a raging liberal who insisted I do not own guns. I even sold my Ithica 49 after I got married. No need to fret though, I may be a slow learner but have since replaced her with a Glock 22, M&P Shield, and a Sub 2000. I specifically chose those as .40 S&W is my preferred choice of ammo and all three fire the same. Oh and I forgot to mention, I grew up in Montana and now live in Texas so I have been able to enjoy guns without much political hassle (not counting the Ex wife). So my posts may have words like “Howdy”, “ya’ll”, and “fixin” so please forgive me ahead of time. It’s just they way we speak around here.

Anyway, that about sums me up. Glad to be here and hope the great conversations and information sharing continues. BTW, I’m heading to Dallas for the weekend to enjoy the NRA Annual Meeting and Gun Show. Anyone else attending? Perhaps a meet and greet and/or a drink or two would be in order :slight_smile:


Hello from a fellow Texan.



I’m not a native Texan, but I spent 25 years in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin; so I know my way around a good plate of brisket. :sunglasses:


Hey there and welcome from the DFW area. Looks like I missed you at the NRAAM.


Welcome from Dallas! &whats the problem with howdy, yall & fixin we grew up on those words lol :cowboy_hat_face:


All y’all,

Katy area here…


Welcome to the DFW area. Glad you made it


Welcome! Houston area here


And Houston has more Howdy for yah.


I shoot at Boyert in Katy. Live just down I-10 a bit from you in Austin County.


How’d you like it? Had a great time but walked way too much. Spent a few minutes outside watching the protesters also. That was a hoot! :slight_smile: