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Group Regional Thread


place for members to connect with other local members.


Richmond, VA. I shoot a LOT so if you’re in the area hit me up.


I’m in the Harrisburg, PA. anybody else in the mid Atlantic area.


I’m in the Lebanon, Pa region. Harrisburg is 20 min away. Where do you shoot? I’m a member at Palmyra Sportsman’s Association.


I’m always down at the Lebanon VA hospital…LOL When I get a chance I’m always shooting behind my house. Don’t belong to any Sportsman clubs. Some are quite expensive in the area.


Mexico, Missouri. Little town.


Loving the spring weather here in Lincoln, NE.


Thank you for your service!!

I believe the cost to join is $125.00 and annual maintenance is $100.00. Indoor bow, pistol and .22 rifle ranges. Outdoor pistol, rifle, skeet, bow courses, fishing, hunting etc. Lots to offer if you make an effort to take advantage of your membership. Indoor ranges are open 24/7/365.


Doral, Florida (West Miami) checking in. I usually shoot at Trail Glades which is an outdoor range up to 100 yds (50 yds pistol side) run by the county.


Oklahoma City, OK normally go to Wilshire Gun Range.


Houston, TX
member - Bayou Rifle Club (2 outdoor ranges)
also shoot frequently at Texas Gun Club when I want a Conditioned Air shooting experience


What range is West on I40 out past Yukon. When I am in Ok City I go to the gun range and the shotgun shooting range. That has to be one of the nicest setups for skeet/ trap and sporting clays I have been to.


Been there a few times, I grew up in Quincy Illinois. Spent alot of my time chasing those farm girls all over that part of Missouri. Spent many a weekends on the Mark Twain Lake.


SE Louisiana. My favorite local range is MCTArange.com - Mississippi Combat Training Academy in Kiln Mississippi. Time it right and you can hit the Lazy Magnolia microbrewery after your range time. $10 all day, not that per hour BS.


West Palm Beach. I shoot at Okeechobee (outdoor) or Palm Beach Shooting (indoor)

Used to shoot at 20 Mile Bend Sheriff range or Sebastian.


El Paso County, CO. I normally shoot at the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex outside Ft. Carson.


South Florida here, Ft. Lauderdale to be exact :slight_smile:


North Florida, Jacksonville.


In Ct. Belong to nwcsa.org and spend a lot of Sunday afternoons there. Guests are free, give a shout if you want to check it out.


Hello all, Glad to a part of fellow shooting fans. I have just installed the M*Carbo Trigger upgrade on my 243 and 270 Axis rifles and boy it cut down the trigger pull to just under 2lbs and no creep.
I’m a Retired Army Ranger, live outside the Ft. Hood area in Texas; and a shooting and hunting enthusiast. Here are a pic of my rifles I put the Trigger kits on.