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Grip screws not coming out

I have a featureless Sub2k Gen 2 that I just purchased. I’m trying to install the performance bundle but I ran into an issue. Two out of the four grip screws will not unscrew. One top screw and one bottom screw on opposite sides of the firearm. My guess is they put loctite or rock set in so the firearm cannot be altered. Anyone have any ideas how I can remove the screws?

I have tried putting pressure on the opposite side with an Alan key and nothing. The screw just keeps spinning. I appreciate any help. Thank you


Hi @Erock04 and welcome to the forum. Any luck with this?
Are the heads worn out? Are the nuts still on the threads?


Thank you!!! Actually I figured it out. I just put the other screw back in as tight as I could get it and while holding it with an Allen key I drilled out the screw that was stuck. Problem solved and I was able to complete the performance bundle without any other hiccups.


Glad to hear it worked out.