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Grip Screws Coming Loose

Howdy, all. I have an issue with my Sub 2000, Gen 2, 9mm. I noted that after about 600 rounds the grip screws began to loosen. After I tightened them down, the trigger felt even worse than stock, as if it were dragging on the internals of the grip. I backed the screws off a little until it felt better. Is this a typical issue, and would the replacement screws likely help this condition?
Thanks in advance for your input.


@Shayne I would remove the offending screws, degrease them and add a small amount of green or blue Loctite thread locker. If they still loosen up order the MCARBO screws and posts set. Be careful tightening the Kel-Tec screws as the posts are aluminum and strip out easily.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a try.


Great post. Everything he needs to know. I had issues with the factory Kel-Tec screws backing out when it was new. I didn’t even bother to pull the pins and degrease them. I just used a bit of blue Loctite 242 (medium) on each screw and never had the problem again. Later on, I put the MCARBO pin/screw set in with the same Loctite when I was installing everything else MCARBO and have never had an issue with the screws backing out. I was able to get mine tighted up properly without having any trigger interference issues with either the stock or MCARBO trigger bar.

Shayne, if you’re still having trigger interference issues, I’ll bet it’s the trigger bar dragging on the inside of that frame half. This is a known issue with some variances in the mold used. Chris covers this in his big install video and shows how to correct it. It’s an easy fix as all that needs to be done is have a bit of material shaved/sanded down.


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I have no experience with a SUB-2000 and dont know if there is a metal handle once the grips are removed? Mybadd?? If there is, I would suggest spraying a degreaser on the handle, and put an expoxy on the back of the grips themselves (not covering the screw holes) re-install the grips, letting the epoxy harden. By putting enough degreaser on the metal handle, the grips will break free. Scrape off excess and reinstall the grips using blue loctite. The case hardened epoxy should form a ‘case hardened adapter plate’ to help absorb vibration and keep the screws from backing out… Guns that have EXCESSIVE RECOIL need all the help that they can get !!! Hope that works for you?

Also, I would recommend using a Brownell’s degreaser type product. I cannot remember what it is called. It must be my aging??? Big smiles.

There is no metal at all in the actual frame grip halves. They are purely Kel-Tec Zytel polymer parts. Cleaning and using a medium strength threadlocking compount on the screws is all that’s required. :+1:


@Don68 knocked this question out of the park. I’m considering it solved.