M*CARBO Brotherhood

Grip Modification

I just wanted to share a simple grip mod that helps with grip traction. I’ve gone through two sets of the rubber grips from MCarbo, I just wear out those grips on my rifles more than my pistols. So, my personal solution is stipling my rifle grip areas,and I’ve tried Plasti Dip successfully. All I used was a wood burning tool using one of the round tips and stippled the small squares on the grip. The current grip traction is a little aggressive for my bare hands so all you do is file the stipling a little to where it suits you. I’ve tried the Plasti dip twice a little messy, not as nice looking as the stipling.It’s not like you can dip the whole grip in the Plasti, great traction though.


Brilliant! I’ll try it. If it’s too “sharp”, some 1000 grit sandpaper will get it right.


Thx man… I had to sand mine slightly, to grippy.