Greetings. A little history and a question

Good day all,

I am a Disabled vet with multiple scilrosis, my symptoms mirror many other gulf war vets. I got out 1991 after serving 8 years.

Over the past 30 years since I got out of the military I never felt the need to pick up any firearms, I don’t hunt and never felt unsafe at home. That was until Russia started a war and our government wants to disarm law abiding citizens. Now we have angry Chinise dictators as well.

I first picked up a 22lr keltek pistol and a S&W mp 15 22lr to see if i can still hit the broad side of a barn.

Well the MS sometimes makes my hands shake and wanting a weapon for home protection I went a head and purchased a sub-2000 9mm with a red dot and a tactical flashlight.

The Red dot anoyed me that i couldn’t fold it. After searching i found my way here.

I have purchased and installed several upgrades to the sub-2000 and was thinking about the trigger intenals. The weapon smith at the shop i purchased it from said it would be extreemly expensive for him to put it in cause it is so complicated.

I looked at the videos here and it doesn’t look that hard to me.

I guess the question would be is the guy exaggerating and should i do it myself?


Welcome aboard.

Sounds a bit like he doesn’t want your business. From my observations here, it’s not terribly hard, some basic mechanical skills and the right tools will go a long way for you. There are many here that have gone down this road and are willing to help if you hit a SNAFU, just ask for any help and they’ll be glad to assist.


To me it seemed like he just didn’t want to bother with it. I purchased it from him so i figured he wouldn’t find it challenging to work on. I live in a neiborhood between cities and his store/indoor range is litterally 1/2 mile from my front door.

I have already added the folding optic mount and swapped the rear sight to the mcarbo folding sight. Added the recoiless charging handle and added the muzzle break.

I have the extended mag clip release but haven’t installed it yet. As I was worried about taking it apart. I watched the videos, doesn’t seem overly complicated.

Thanks for the response.


I installed the majority of S2K upgrades myself. Took the trigger kit, a crisp $20 bill, and a case of Shiner Bock to my gunsmith. Done.


Yeah, I installed all the upgrades myself so far. But I just figured the internals would be better off in practiced hands. The good thing about being in Texas, there is no real shortage in gunsmiths around even in rural area’s.


I’m guessing he didn’t want to be bothered.

The full internal upgrade kit is not hard, especially if you follow along with the video. This was the first time I had ever disassemble a gun down to each individual part. Less complicated than I thought and a lot of fun to do.


While not technically hard, there are a lot of small springs and parts under tension and getting the grip halves back together with everything in place can be tricky. You also should work under some type of tenting to catch the things that slip and go flying.


Just follow the instructions/video and you’ll be okay. It looks way harder than it is. You’ll get done and go, that was easy!!!