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Great Deal On Sub 2K

Palmettostatearmory.com is running a great deal on the Sub today. S&W M&P version if interested. $299.99. Buy it and Mcarbinze it.


Or…Just buy the Mseries and save yourself a bucket full of useless parts.:smiley:


If someone, I dont know, Maybe MCarbo , was to say come on out with that 80% alloy receiver, that bucket full of useless parts might not be so useless after all… Just sayin is all :smiling_imp:


I know it’s not a sub but is a good deal


And that would be…

A pipe?

Because that is all an S2K receiver is. :roll_eyes:


DAAAA the plastic bit in front of the pipe… but wonder if it would be possible to do sommit like a folding Sten…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Well if were gonna do that lets go aluminum and make it a single piece and not a clamshell. Radius it to match the pipe and hold it together with some takedown pins.

Sten…hmm they really were not built to last. Now the stirling is top notch! :+1:

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the only thing i didnt care for on the brit firearms, was the side mount magazine… shooting STEN Stirling and a couple of others, you had to be completely magazine length aware when your bumping thru. I cound see the engineering behind the bren, just never could grasp the advantage of a sidemount magazine unless it was to bellysuck closer to terra firma…

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