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Great Customer Service

Just received M Series Sub 2000. What a sweet piece of hardware. Arrived in perfect shape and on time. THX to everyone. Tomorrow first PCC practice, cant wait.


@Superbik157 Good on ya! And welcome to the Brotherhood. Shoot straight, aim true. :+1:t3:


You bet Brother. Good firearms owners always do!!


@Superbik157 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.


Welcome aboard @Superbik157



Congratulations, Jerry! Welcome to the MCarbo ‘Team…’


Welcome to the brotherhood :+1::us:


I am disabled and I keep losing the seer springs on my s2k. I contacted MCARBO via email and they responded within 48 hours (normal time in my opinion.) I had to call them due to this being a special order. I called talked to an extremely nice person there, I ordered the seer springs and while I was at it, a few other items I need (a.k.a. want.) They literally shipped my order within 2 hours. hahaha Wow, thank you MCARBO, for your service and your company.


@Suberbik 157 Welcome to the Brother Hood, You’ll gonna love your Sub2000


One of the things that led me to purchase a new EDC handgun was diminished confidence in my LC9S. I was having a few too many failures to eject and my last trip to the range the fluorescent pipe flew out of the front TruGlo TFO sight. Fortunately, I finally found the pipe in my overgrown hair - a side effect of the lockdowns.

I wrote TruGlo asking for repair suggestions since the pipe appeared to have been simply glued at two places. They promptly wrote me back offering an RMA for me to return the entire slide so that they could repair the sight - the supposed benefit being I would not need to hire a gunsmith to reinstall and zero again. Estimated return time was 5-7 days after they received it.

I wrote them back stating politely:

"Thanks, but I am not willing to give up my primary EDC firearm for that length of time. While I would not relish installing and sighting in a replacement, the proper course of action would be to send me a replacement front sight.

Thank you again for the response but I will pass on that type of customer service."

They responded the next day stating, “We regret the issue with your front sight, and understand the importance of having your EDC.” I was asked to send a screenshot of the Invoice and they would send a replacement front sight within a few days.

I have not yet received the replacement but if they follow through I will give them a B+ for customer service.