M*CARBO Brotherhood

Great Business Practice in Houston

So we already know MCARBO rocks it.

But I’m sitting outside Primary Arms. They are 'bout to bring my stuffs out to the truck. I ordered it late this morning.

Their website is promising next day shipping on orders placed today.

This is refreshing and it seems these guys like making me happy and making money. They even manage to protect me from “the infected” on my same day pick up.

I contrast this with ginormous outfits like Amazon who aren’t even trying. I have their Prime service but the last 6 things I ordered there only promise 7 day delivery. This bugs me since 5 of those 6 items took 5 plus days before they even bothered to start the shipping process. 7 days 'cause delivery services are delayed is one thing. But 7 days while they maximize profits - just 'cause they can blame covid - is bull crap on a stick.


I hear ya brother, suffering a bit with them at the moment. They even moved a Prime shipping date out 3 weeks on me about an hour after I ordered and gave no reason, valid or otherwise. Then they said they’d give me a discount on a future order for the trouble, never happened. Needless to say I cancelled that order and have been looking elsewhere for a number of items I’d normally buy on Amazon since…



Just ordered a couple AR handguards from them. They gave me about a dozen shipping options which I chose UPS Ground and it shipped out same day.


Never been a fan of Amazon, I usually have always found items cheaper on Ebay.


@dave67 @chilipepper @Dred Milton’ You are so Right On’ with that Opening comment’ "Excuses Excuses’’ Due to the ‘‘Corona Virus’’ Are Shipping times and Services do not apply any longer, It’s 7-10 days to AK even if you Pay 3 day UPS/ Fed EX Hazard Material Fees for Ammo/ Advance Tactical. And Prime /Amazon. Com Are not any better in Their Shipping Times and Fee’s.
They All need to get there (Sh**) Together Like M*Carbo