GP100 Trigger Problem After Trigger Job



To be concise with your question I need to know if I had just purchased the firearm, built it from scratch, or modified it before I can answer my actions for ‘break in?’


@lonewolf Just simply state for me what your break in procedure is?


@lonewolf well since it has been a half hour I am going to assume you are having problems looking it up on the Internet so let me help you.

  1. Clean
  2. Lubricate
  3. Shoot

Pretty easy break in process for pistols…pretty much the same whenever you shoot a gun actually. :astonished:

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Personally, I will run 100 rounds after modifications to get the ‘feel’ for the pistol again. I field strip and visually inspect parts, clean, function check and reassemble. My Glock was the only ‘trigger kit’ installation that I had performed as far as pistols are concerned. I regularly field strip the Glock at 1000 rounds because of the ‘abuse’ that it is known to accept ( I usually just ‘eyeball’ the carbon tracking on slide removal.) My Ruger SR22 is my carry and target pistol so it has only been field stripped. Because of its frequent use, it is cleaned and function tested, reassembled every 500 rounds. There was no modifications made. However, I have 3 barrels that I interchange when I target practice depending upon distance. And no John, was not looked up. I am not typing well this morning. Laughing

ADDED ANOTHER 30 mins. later… This is what you are asking of me??? :thinking:


@lonewolf. Why thank you, that was all I needed to know. :grin:

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Sorry that it is such a ‘difficult’ morning. It is terrible being LOVED by all my cats and steadying a laptop…:rofl: If I could only get my wife to give half the affection? She is pissed that her Custom is not being built but her tastes are more expensive… :crazy_face:


I just had the same problem. I have an older GP made in 2000. When I placed the new spring next to the OEM spring I found the new spring was longer. What was happening was the new spring was reaching full compression and the trigger was only coming back half way like yours. I know it’s not recommended to cut springs but I removed enough length from the new spring to match the OEM one. Be sure to flatten the cut end. Reassemble, function test, and test fire all well. Reduced trigger pull from almost 12 to 7 and much smoother after the polishing. Since this is not a carry gun I’m not worried.


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