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Got some more range time today

Got a chance to bust a bunch of caps this morning with the Sub gun.

Everything worked great. I did have to re-tighten all the pinch bolts on the red lion forend cuz it was a bit loose after about a hunnert rounds or so. Had to do that once before. Did I have thread locker on em ? Of course not …

I have come to the conclusion that not having the brass deflector isn’t any problem at all when shooting left handed. I don’t get anything hitting near my head AND I don’t get the sooty spot on my right arm any more…

My iron sights and RDS both work just fine now that I fixed the front sight post issue by having my EYE repaired. Yep… I was having trouble with the sights and ended up finding I had a clouded up membrane in my left eye several years after having cataracts removed and intraocular lenses put in. Left eye got a posterior capsulotomy and now I have great vision again in both eyes. Who knew ??
I can actually see the target now. Makes a BIG difference . DOH !

I’ve got over 2 thousand rounds through the S2K at this point, and it’s running real nicely. Very happy with it. A FUN gun .
Range ammo was $20 per 50 rounds today. FYI


That’s really a coincidence - I’m having a YAG next month. They told me the cataract removal was one and done, they never said clouding could/would happen. My eyes went from 20/20 to 40/30.

I’ll probably have to sight in all my optics again. LOL


Hey kannonvaggon

South paw as well, agreed, spent brass bounces off right arm with deflector. I added the deflector primarily to address any left handed shooter issues and to keep brass at my feet for easy recovery which I do religiously.

I need to know… did you replace the plastic feed ramp with the metal one?


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Yep, the YAG procedure is quick and very effective. I got good clear sight back with no floaters within a couple days. Easy peasy…
I was also unaware that almost a third of folks that get IOLs later need a YAG capsulotomy to clear up the fuzziness caused by epithelial cells sneaking around the IOL apparently. I know in my case it was pretty much the same as having a cataract. Other eye was clear no problem.
Way mo bedda now. Back to 20/20 vision.


Yep, my particular S2K is an M-Series and came from Mcarbo with the steel feed ramp and a bit of light polishing and such.
This gun has just enough wear on it to loosen up a bit and operate smoother than when new.

I’m not going to install any other type of brass deflector. I’m not all that anal about where the brass flies and it doesn’t seem be a problem for me without the thingee. I thought that thing was keeping the spent brass from hitting me in the head, but leaving soot and filth on my fore arm.
In fact, no brass hits me and I’m not getting any noticeable filth hitting me in the face NOR on my fore arm without it… YMMV
It doesn’t work with the Red Lion indexed forend so it had to go. I do like the RL forend just fine, other than having to watch that it doesn’t get a bit loose sometimes.

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Exactly. Right eye is in focus, left eye starts the day in focus but by nighttime is pretty much useless. I regret having them removed this early - I could have gone another decade or more before really needing it that much. Live and learn. I’m looking forward to seeing clearly again - it’s tough working on computers when you can’t read the screen if you’re farther than a foot from it.:smiley:


Was not aware of that. Good to know. Glad for your results.