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Good News Stories on CCW and 2A encounters

I wanted to read and post “Good News Stories” related to the 2nd Amendment. Where the public successfully thwarted threatening criminal activity, protecting themselves, or the innocent and defenseless.


So here a guy was attacked a few days ago in Tallahassee by protesters…

A group knocked him to the ground. The main protester got on his back as he was encircled by 5 or 6 others, then the main guy drags him 10 or 20 feet while he was on his a$$ with his feet up in the air. He pulls his concealed handgun and gets to his feet…


On review … I’m confident I have zero reason to show up backing another man too stupid to simply comply with orders that did not threaten his next breaths. This black guy thinks Mr. Blake is a sleaze that sucks at common sense. Obviously humanity values his life more than he did.

Regarding Mr. Brandisher … folks need to stop showing up at riots and feigning surprise when it goes like they expected. At what point did he decide he needed to strap up 'cause they weren’t ready for his opinions? That was his warning sign that tried to smack him in the noggin.


TCAC tweeted “The protest was organized by the Tallahassee Community Action Committee. On Twitter , the group says they are dedicated to “fighting for peace, justice, and equality through direct action. “

Calling BS on this. These are POS thugs using the pandemic to hide behind masks looking for trouble and they should be thankful some weren’t carried away in body bags. They keep doing this it will happen. Can someone explain to me why there were no assault charges filed. They have the video. If these anarchists keep pulling this shit with impunity it only emboldens them to go farther. I would have pressed charges. A little jail time with bubba might give them food for thought.


Nah, the local Soros-owned DA would let them walk. Might even arrest YOU for making trouble.


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