Good deals on all ammo

I know $.31 ppr is the new norm for 9mm I just can’t justify going there.


I must go to more estate sales…for ammo…:sunglasses:


Can’t remember where I bought the Blazer Brass 9mm 115g RN for $9.05/box? :thinking: Hopefully there’s another case or two stashed…:boom::boom::boom:

Sure was fun to unload today and only took ~3 minutes to clean the G-26. :face_with_monocle:

To the good ol days…:beers::boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:



Is that local? Around me, (NJ) locally it’s around .36 but I just got 2 boxes of 500 9mm at .24 ppr from 2A Warehouse.


Looking for some CCI 22LR ShotShell. :person_shrugging::eye:

Just ran out today while shooting down hornets that are stealing and eating my honeybees! :rage::boom::boom::boom:

Rifle Test: :boom::boom:

Handgun Test: :boom::boom:

Currently Unavailable: :rage:


Walmarts by me usually always have it.


Nada at ChinaMart here…or the last three gun stores I visited…:scream:

Buy a quad copter drone and fly it near the nest. Problem solved without wasting ammo.


Yep same stuff my lgs had for 899 this time last year…and it’s basically a substitute for subsonic it’s so slow.

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I don’t know how you’d manage it but get a colony of yellow jacket wasps around the hrnets nest and the hornets disappear. There has been 5 hornet nests started on my house this year and the fricken’ yellow jackets have killed every single one of them. I’ve never seen anything like it and neither has anybody I’ve told about it!


If you can do it without attracting other critters (which may work as well), drop a few tiny pieces of raw hamburger as close to the hornets nest as possible. Yellow jackets go all in for carrion, but hornets and other wasps don’t. Most hornets are also only good for one sting where yellow jackets can multiple times and cuz they are big meat eaters, can bite, tear and hold better putting them up in a fight with hornets.


I have a buddy who swears by this thing.
BUG-A-SALT 3.0, Yellow


@TexasEskimo sent me a link to the salt gun recently…via telephone. He said his girlfriend has one.

I don’t know where the European Hornets nest is. It’s somewhere in the woods on either side of the ridge I’m on top of.

This weekend my buddy is going to come and help me search the woods for the nest.

The 22 LR shot shell is good for shooting the hornets when they
hover around the hives and when they snatch a bee and stop ~10-20’ away to rip the honeybee head off. Expensive at ~ $.55/shot! :rage: But satisfying…and no salt on the ground :grin:

When I do find the hornet nest I’m planning on using my 12 gauge Mossberg with birdshot…:grin::boom::boom:


I’m saving up for one….a little larger…:grin::zap::zap::zap:

still too high IMHO @ $255 but a $40 mail-in rebate helps ease the pain, somewhat. And it is Lake City

(final cost $215 pr 500 rounds +S&H):

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Latest ammo price update - a bunch of calibers have stabilized over the past month/month & a half. Outside of a few (308, 223 & 9mm steel, 12 ga) , all the ones I track are at their lowest numbers since Jan.


Have been having good luck buying ammo from TargetSports. I paid the $99 “Prime Member” fee to get free shipping on basically any size order. I decided to give these a try based on something I read on the internet (so it’s gotta be true) and the price - lol. Got them today and this chart on the box caught my eye:

First time for me to see bullet drop info posted on a box. Maybe that’s common on centerfire?

Federal AUToMATCH - 40 grain solid - 1200 fps

Interesting how they are marketing to target shooters albeit with a somewhat “shotgun” approach: trying to be all things to all target shooters seemingly without understanding the preferences of the different niches they mention:

Precision shooters tend to want sub-sonic velocity for accuracy.
Precision shooters generally use bolt action vs semi-auto.
Action shooters probably enjoy the price point since they use a lot of rounds - at least I do - lol.
Apparently, it is somehow easier to pour rounds from a bulk pack into your speed loader for your dreaded high-capacity magazines than it is to dump ammo from the small boxes.

Their “Every Shot Counts.” slogan should have been “It Was Worth a Shot!” Forget about those Mikes and No Shoots - lol.


On another note…

When you are not Jerry Miculek but wanna pretend