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Good Deal on 22LR Ammo

The Latino that laid the plata egg.

Order for two thousand Mexican fiesta balas I had placed on Nov. 17 @ Mid-South Shooters finally showed up. :boom: :cowboy_hat_face: :boom: :confetti_ball: :boom:



My buddy and I ended up buying ammo at our local Bi-Mart (Employee owned) store for Black Friday. 12 gauge was $7.77 for 25 target load, 9mm 115 gr. was $16.77 for 50 rounds and 22LR was $27.00 for 300 rounds. CCI Brand.

First ammo I’ve bought since last December when my oldest and his son came out for Christmas and we went shooting…


I’ve been shooting Aguila Super Extra 40grn SV and have no complaints.
Works in all semi and bolt guns / pistols with good accuracy and seldom
or never a FTF.
Pretty much my go to these days for target and plinking.

Plenty of CCI on hand of various types also, all perform very well.

I stocked up over the last few years as 22lr kept getting less & less expensive
Those days were golden for us 22lr fans.


Still looking for some of the Nickel Plated Super Extra: :man_shrugging:


Im starting to dislike these aguila hollow points,

On this last range trip, the noses were getting hung up on the front of my bx25 mags, and then the bolt closing would actually indent the point. Had about 10 of these FTFs in 2 diff mags yesterday. Once they indent once, they dont feed right ever again, and i had to hand chamber to get them to fire. Anyone else seeing this??
Havent seen this issue before with the cheapo federal HPs.

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I shot ~300 rds. of the exact same ammo over the past few days in a Smith and Wesson A-22 pistol and my Ruger Takedown with the Binary-trigger.
O-failures of any kind in either firearm.
I was using 10 round mags in both guns.

The Super Extra in solid or hollow point has been over 99% reliable for me for several years now.

Did you try other style mags…like rotary? Or different guns? Sounds like a mag issue.

Hope you get it figured out.


Planning to try other options, but was also shooting the same ammo from my Advantage Arms Glock conversion upper too, with no issues.


Was That the FEDERAL flavor ?

I bought a “case” and they shoot so bad after 25 rounds I gave them to the RSO for $10.00.

I did find Aguila super extra at Cabelas for $6/50. Only had 3 per person.
The check out line was about 28 people deep .

I have these and so why would I wait.

The 500 counts were $59.00 @ LGS.



In both of my 10/22’s no failures.


They were the Winchester 333 rd box.