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Good Deal on 22LR Ammo


Yea, I’ve been swallowing my pride and getting my scores at Walmart as of late. I swore I was done with them after they quit selling pistol ammo. But man, when you can find it, their prices can’t be beat for my 30-30, .308, and .22lr.

But I still feel dirty after I buy it. Ya know, like using a hooker. Sometimes you do what you have to do.


Especially now that hookers are actually cheaper than ammo.


Though the desired outcome with both is a reliable discharge and adequate penetration. :smiling_imp:
Given the thread topic, I will skip any reference to rimfires.


Ran 36g Minimag Hollowpoints, 32g Stingers and 40g Velocitors today.


avg muzzle 1309 fps (spread 100; SD 27.1), 137 ft-lbf
10yds 1263 fps,127 ft-lbf
20yds 1217 fps,118
30yds 1174 fps,110
40yds 1134 fps,103
50yds 1098 fps,96


muzzle 1528 fps (spread 65, SD 26.9), 166 ft-lbf
10yds 1462 fps, 152
20yds 1396 fps, 138
30yds 1335 fps, 127
40yds 1277 fps, 116
50yds 1243 fps, 110


muzzle 1281 fps (spread 128, SD 37.3), 146 ft-lbf
10yds 1243, 137
20yds 1204, 129
30yds 1167, 121
40yds 1132, 114
50yds 1111, 110

Disclosure: I am disgusted by the variation in this rimfire crap. The velocitors I shot have been with me since Obama’s first term and I will be repeating with a new production box and expecting better consistency.

Everything was supersonic through 50 yards.


@Dred Thank you for getting some data.

What was the barrel length and elevation?

I’m wondering what velocity my go-to ammo gets at my elevation?..3,200’…hopefully something extra with thinner air.

Also wonder what difference in velocity between 16.4 & 18.5” barrel lengths I have do up here?

It’s all 42-50 yds. for me…that’s all the flat land I have on top of the mountain with easy access to check/reset targets.

Probably Mini Mags or Stinger…would be just fine for varmints.

Still sticking with Aquila Super Extra CPRN & CPHP’s as well…and the most cost effective for me.

Doesn’t look like I need to purchase Velocitors for the extra cost @ $.20/rd.

On the CCI website Stingers in the 50 rd. box look more cost effective verses Velocitors for me…or Stangers.

CCI is making a killing selling at high retail prices. I wonder what the vendors think of this?

Look forward to your next shoot results. Gonna test some CCI Copper too? :face_with_monocle::boom::boom::boom:


18" barrel at Sea Level.

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Yeah, my .22 S/L/LR bolt/lever/pump action rifles and revolvers gets the stuff that won’t cycle my autos :wink: Even the “Bad” stuff is surprisingly accurate in the non-auto rifles and pistols. It might be a little more dirty but hey, cheap shootin fer sure :wink:


Overslept on the Sportmans Guide email notification this morning:


I happen to check my email at the right time the other day. Sportsman’s guide had 500 rnd can of PPU ammo for the M1 Garand. Snatched that up for under $500. It’s one of the only times I get a notification from them and was able to snag the deal. Oh oh oh oh I forgot to mention, it arrived in 3 days from order date. I was shocked.


I know other folks here have had issues with SG… I have never had any problems with them (fingers crossed).



Check your tracking at Federal. UPS has my Punch. I’m tweaked at them 'bout this crap about charging me $6 to hold it at their local DC. Jokers wanted to deliver Saturday when I’m on the other side of the state.

But I think I’m paying plus saving them money.


@Dred My order shipped two days ago and is “scheduled” to arrive by UPS tomorrow. We shall see. UPS and FedEx have lately had problems with orders getting lost in transit.


My Punch order arrived on schedule today.


I got some too…


My Sportsmans Guide Aguila order placed on June 1st, arrived today.:grin:
PDQ, I have to say.

I thought it was going to be delayed because right after placing the order, the status confirmation listed “out of stock”.

All in, (including TN’s 9.5% sales tax :money_mouth_face:) .0751 per round…about average in covicide condition.
“Good Deal”…?..:man_shrugging:t2:


@Slowest It’s $.12/rd. @ ammoplanet.com Not sure about ship/tax delivered cost?
Close to my buy-in point. :sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:



Looks like CCI website has raised prices on 22 LR.

Not sure if Federal division 22LR prices have followed? :rage::rage::rage::boom::boom:



Rural King had an amazing amount of ammo today, especially .22LR. Winchester, Aguila, and more. I bought two 333-round boxes of CPHP Winchester high velocity for 6c/rd. They had Aguila 250-round and of course, 50- and 100-round boxes of various brands. Two box limit total. Yeah, Winchester ain’t my first choice but gotta go with quantity, plus I wanted some high velocity for a change. I have 500 rounds of CCI standard velocity on the way - they sent me a shipping notice yesterday.


The cupboards wuz bare in the Murphy NC Wallyworld today. The fourth one I’ve been to like that. From what I hear it’s usually sold before they unload it off the truck…


Same here in “A-She-Ville”…shelf stockers must be paid off…:rage::rage::rage: