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Glue for sub 2000 tube nut

Here’s a great glue for the nut that Chris should check out because it comes in 1/2oz bottles. BSI(Bob Smith Industry) IC2000 is a rubberized crazy glue that is used for gluing tires to the rims in Radio Control Cars that do 60MPH+. It’s also inexpensive at less then $7.00 for1/2 oz!


That sounds a bit more permanent?

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Blue removable loctite works great for me… Good suggestion though for another option.

This post will bust my streak.

But, I’ve run mine for two range trips without regluing the collar nut. I got decent engagement cutting the collar nut into the poly after paint, so … I’m try’n it.

I’ll try to rember to come back and report when it fails.


Thank you for your post. I have ordered two bottles of this glue. Hope to use it to put a rubber butt pad on my S2K. Very timely, Thanks again. R S