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Glock Trigger kit tested?

Hello everyone. I just purchased a Glock spring kit for my 19. I installed the kit today, polished all the places they said to polish. Just a heads up . The trigger in now just under 3.5 lbs. Feels great…

My question is this. Did MCARBO test this spring kit out in a drop test? What about a bump test. The other day I dropped my pistol and it hit right on the back of the gun. As you can imagine. Im glad it didn’t go off. It would have been very ugly for me. As I finished the install and tested the trigger pull and came in at around 3.5 lbs. I had that Ah HA moment…

Any discussion would be greatly appreciated. What are your thoughts?


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  1. The drop worthiness is inherent to the OEM design, and the physics of changing springs dont have anything to do with those safety mechanisms.

  2. Once you begin to engage the system by pulling the trigger, it just goes smoother and easier, and becomes less safe as you make things start moving, until ignition.
    My springs and upgrades are a mixture of ZEV and glockstore and about 3.5lbs pull also. Only ever dropped the gun once on the concrete, loaded, and no discharge.


I don’t know. But, I would not expect they have. You are the smith. If you polished carefully, it should hold same as factory. The springs shouldn’t impact a drop test, but polishing certainly can.

And, what’s a “bump” test?


Where i grew up we called that a pistol whip. And you did not want to be that Test dummy.


All of MCarbo products are drop tested, as they say on everyone of their products. I was curious also and called them to see what their drop test consists of, here is an informative read of the standards of drop testing: Drop Test. They said they even do more rigorous testing than that by increasing the height dropped and the amount of times dropped too.