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Glock Issue, Firing pin safety

Hi, guys. I’m brand new here so if I make a faux pas, please excuse me. I have a Glock 43X and have just purchase the Glock trigger spring kit from MCARBO and am going to attempt to polish all pertinent parts as shown in the video. Right off the bat, someone while packing my order neglected to include the reduced power trigger spring, but my real problem is after disassembling the slide, I noticed that the firing pin safety on my glock looks nothing like the one in the video. My question is, is this normal or is this something that is inherent in the model I have? I have a friend who has a Glock 43 and his firing pin safety looks identical to one in the video. I am asking for any help that can be provided, and thanks on the front end. One more question, however, do I just proceed with polishing as if the firing pin safety was flat on top or do I just polish the cone/angular side of the firing pin safety?


Without a pic to compare what your looks like, its hard to say whether the difference is important or not. I think my buddy’s is a 43x, but im not familiar with the 43 differences.
My glock standard is to polish the lower contact "cone " where the trigger bar pushes it up, and the entire circumference, to allow it to cycle in the pocket a little smoother. I do not polish the insets or any edges where the firing pin contacts.


This is what mine looks like. And thanks for the info


I have a 43X MOS and it looks the same as the one pictured


Welcome here. I would recommend breaking the gun in completely stock before changing anything…or have you already done that?