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Glock Extractor advertising

Has anyone in this group Ever had a Glock Extractor failure?
Not heard of one, told of one, read about one … personally EXPERIENCED one.
OK … I’ll accept witnessing one in the next shooting lane.
The parts sellers (usual unnamed suspects) are pushing the fear factor again this week, “when your factory issued MIM Extractor finally fails, you will be out of the fight”
Price is up to around $70 bucks for a machined extractor… plus shipping etc…

What you spend (and what you spend on) is your and your wife’s/husband’s business. Did you bite on the fear factor advertising - or because your Glock rolled over and died right there in your hand? Obviously better it than you.

Don’t be surprised if you find this posted a few other places… I’m casting a wide net.
YES, by the way, I am a Certified Glock armourer… Nobody has ever come to me with this.


@wise1 Price was $39.95 including shipping when :eye: bought one recently for my G26 Gen4.

Was worth it to me, plus :eye: now have the OEM extractor for a spare if ever needed. Never was in fear of it breaking.

Thank you for letting us know they usually don’t break…:v:

Lone Wolf does make excellent products for Glocks.

:eye: also have the Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf longer, fluted, threaded barrel on mine…also Stain “S” Less steel.