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GLOCK Debuts a New Caliber Pistol

GLOCK 44 Chambered in .22 LR

SMYRNA, Ga. – Dec 10, 2019 GLOCK, Inc., a global leader in firearms manufacturing and innovation, invites you to start the .22 Long Rifle (LR) caliber journey with the introduction of the new GLOCK 44.

The company debuted its first-ever .22 LR caliber pistol at a live product launch that included select media partners and distributors on site while GLOCK fans and brand loyalists tuned in to be a part of the experience from around the globe.

Since inception, GLOCK has been synonymous with reliability, accuracy and durability. GLOCK does not compromise when it comes to quality and reliability in a firearm. Now you can get the same trusted reliability and durability in a .22 LR caliber pistol. The GLOCK 44 has a unique hybrid steel-polymer slide and mirrors the iconic GLOCK 19 frame size for optimal performance for new shooters, sport shooters, and everyone in between. “The way the G44 mirrors the iconic G19 is great and all levels of shooters will benefit from owning and practicing with the G44,” said Retired Marine Gunner Christian Wade. “I subjected the G44 to a variety of adverse conditions and it holds its own with every other GLOCK ever produced.”

Wade was one of two partners selected by GLOCK to rigorously test the GLOCK 44 in a variety of climates and adverse conditions. With over 30 years in the Marine Corps and as a firearms expert, Wade understands the importance of functionality and ease of use is realized in the GLOCK platform and carried on to the GLOCK 44.

GLOCK has taken everything that is fun and functional about a .22 LR caliber pistol and enhanced it to improve your experience with optimal performance. “While many .22 LR firearms exhibit tendencies to function differently with particular ammunition types, the G44 pistol functioned to near perfection,” said Bryan Peterson, Manager of Product Concept Development at Federal Ammunition.
Peterson was also a partner included in early testing and extended his expertise of ammunition through testing the G44 with thousands of rounds and a large variety of ammunition.

The G44 features many of the latest enhancements seen in the 5th Generation of GLOCK pistols such as the ambidextrous slide stop lever and reversible magazine catch, the GLOCK Marksman barrel (GMB) for increased accuracy and performance, adjustable back straps, and adjustable rear sights. The G44 also features a ghost hole loaded chamber indicator and comes standard with two 10-round load assist magazines.

For more information about the new GLOCK 44, visit www.plink44.com.


damnitall I was hoping for a 5.7 X 28 glock …




A .22 Glock is a very logical gun to make, but the marketing was weird. “Something legendary is coming” and tons of outdoorsy stuff paired with a G19 size target pistol is weird


dont get me wrong, I can see one in .22 cal. but with all the hype, you woulda thought it woulda been a major player.whats the price tang going to be? saw a suggested retail for 430$ I can buy a used 9 or 40 for that. and if im after a .22 a MK 1,II, or III, or a buckmark. I guess its just me but i dont see all the WOOHOO they shed on it, now, if had been a .22WMR i woulda been standin in line for it…


Just what the world needs is another 2x4 ,although light weight at 16 oz. They do have smaller frames that could have been used instead of the 19. Ahh Glock Perfection!


If you already own a Glock like most people why would you buy another $430 gun when you can buy these and they can be found cheaper than this one
image https://www.glockstore.com/22-LR-Conversion-Kit-for-Glocks


The commercial for it plays like a woman’s feminine hygiene product. Out of touch Glock acting like women can’t handle recoil and this is a must have gun for them. Really cringeworthy :man_facepalming:t2:


Wow, you ain’t kidding. That is pretty lame. They don’t say much with words but the video itself is clearly focused on women. All I can say is, I’ve seen some rather petite ladies at the range shooting some sizable hand cannons and hitting the mark as well. Probably doing better than I would with them.


evidently they have never see women like my DIL who’s EDC is a Ruger REDHawk in 357 mag… fits her hand.


I like a lot of others was hoping for a PCC. But it really looks like Glock’s wheelhouse is very small with windows that look out in only one direction.

Now on the marketing/sales side the 44 makes sense to me. A Glock for timid and new shooters, even those afraid of guns that are getting dragged to the range. Shoot something light in a family of products, move on to a 42 then one of the 9mm’s. Boom, even more sales. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with 25 or 32 ACP models.


I’d like to see an S2K in 22



Back in 2012, I had the interest for the .22 conversion for my Glcok, Will. I had purchased (2) different kits to satisfy my ‘hunger’ for target shooting. I even had a 15 round option. However, I got too used to how well it shot, being a 9mm. My point is that I could shoot all types of ammunition without worrying about any failure to feed/failure to fire issues. That ended my ENJOYMENT of the ‘conversion kits’ back then.

I would definitely rather SEE a Glock .22mag produced… @Don68, I do enjoy Glocks as well… I am sure that a ‘smaller’ frame will be made. :+1:






You use the 22 to shoot your buddy in the knee and then you walk away at a brisk pace. :smile:


@dred I thought a .22 pistol was the “go to” choice for taking down a charging Grizzly…no?


@MarkS20 I’ve seen that pic of the pistol with the same caption. Still hilarious!


A .22 in Bear Country would be hilarious… If I inadvertantly failed to grab ‘the correct gun,’ ANY caliber would be better than none? Just thinking…


You’d be better off trying to pee in the bear’s eyes like those cartoons suggested that @GOBLIN posted on the boards a couple of months ago. You’re just gonna piss the bear off anyway… :laughing: