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Glock 34 at 25yds

I put a Burris FastFire 2 Red Dot (MOA4) on my Glock 34 and have been trying to get decent grouping at 25yds. Probably too far I know.

Im Just curious what is considered good grouping / MOA at 25yds? I’m a total noob BTW just getting into the hobby more in the last year.

Here is my last 5 shots at target, after last sight adjustment. (Using an app called “SightSet”) works ok I think.
Threw one low on accident but the other hits were solid! FYI I was sitting down, resting my arms on my bag.


Good target a 25 yards.work on your trigger snd grip control to keep from pushing to left
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Thank you @Silverback !
Appreciate the tip!


@louie088 looking good! even at 20 years old I’m lucky to see a circle on the target at 25 yards :joy::joy:


Hey Paul,

I push left when shooting my Sig Sp2022 in 9mm
Can you elaborate… snd grip control???


@Captainjack88. Sorry to take so long to respond… as we all know a grip that is to lose will allow the hand gun to move side to side and or up and down under recoil. Then if we grip “white knuckle” the sights will begin to shake all over the place.

Grip size and how it fits in hand slot to do with accuracy as well. A high grip on Semi auto weapons helps with getting bored axis lower in line with hand and arm and helps with mitigating recoil. Locking wrist elbows assist in accuracy and reliability of the function of the semi auto.

The support hand should assist in recoil management and barrel alignment as well.

If the grip of the weapon is too thin it can float in your hand or too wide you may end up inadvertently move it while trying to get a good trigger pull.

Adjusting ones grip to fit the weapons grip size and angle are personal. I find that looking for a grip that’s fits my hand is better than adjusting my hands to the grip. For instance I can shoot the poly 80 grip frame much easier and more consistently than stock glock17 frame whatever the gen.

Trigger control or proper trigger pull is another aspect to shooting. The trigger pull should be a smooth consistent straight back pull with he finger pad until the weapon fires. The trigger should remain in reward position as shot leaves the barrel. Then slow deliberate release until the trigger resets. Some beginners tend to bounce or slap at the trigger, put too much or too little finger on the trigger. This will force shot left or right.
Oh yeah let’s not forget stance , sight alignment and breathing.

For basic info have attached some old stand by charts.

How this helps?


Basically practice practice practice.



Thanks Paul✌️
Great help
Have never been a good shot with a hand gun.
Hard to see everything clearly (sights/target) with my bifocals.
Practice, Practice


Oh yeah I am a tri focal man now. Fiber optic front sights help a ton. Once you get the front sight dialed in decay on it almost exclusively. The target will be blurred but what the heck. You eyes can only focus on one thing at a time anyways. A crisp front sight pic is critical.

This is my version of golf just louder. Lol!! You keep trying for perfection. All you have to do is get out of your own way. :+1: