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Glock 20 Gen 4 10 mm... Thoughts?

I have the opportunity to trade for a Glock 20 gen 4. I have never owned a 10mm, but like to hike in the Tennessee and Georgia mountains at times and thought it would be a good animal defense weapon. Does anyone here own one? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


I think I need to rent one! I’ve always wanted a 10mm pistol. It’s kind of big… so I need to rent one before a purchase.

With the right round I’m sure it would stop a black bear.


Thanks Mountain Hunter. I have shot a G20 once before. It is a larger frame than the G19, but feels very similar but with a bigger kick. I am pretty sure it would stop a black bear, no Grizzlies around here.


Them Block 20s do an awesome job mitigating recoil - the poly give actually results in a softer shooter than my Dan Wesson Silverback. You get Blocks non discriminating chamber so a bulge buster is needed if you want to try reloading cases (I wouldn’t unless you can keep track of them and relegate them to lower power reloads).

Personally I’d feel better with the Block’s 10 plus rounds of autoloading 10mm than with 5 or 6 rounds of 500S&W. I’d keep her full of Underwood’s Lehigh Extreme Hunter loading.

Go for it.


Milton, thanks for the feedback. I do not reload, so not too worried about an explosion due to the unsupported case, but will check out the Underwood load you suggested.


@em44052 I have fired a G20, it was much better than what I was expecting. 10mm is a great round for what you are looking to do with it.


Interesting vid from Hikock45…using 230 grain hard cast bullets proved inaccurate. He switched to a Lone Wolf barrel and got the accuracy back. Take it for what it’s worth.
Mr. Bear is mentioned many times.

Switched to 200 gr and all is well.