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Glock 19 gen 5? Walther Compact PDP? or Both?

Anyone have any info/suggestions on which firearm is better? Why/why not? I currently own a gen 5 Glock 19, but watched a few videos of the new Walther PDP, and from what I’ve read and seen, the new Walthers seems to me to be better than the Glock. On a side note, I also have a Wather PPS M2, and simply love the ergonomics of the grip. The new PDP has a grip texture everyone raves about, plus one of the best triggers around…according to virtually everyone who’s tried it.


American Rifleman magazine reviewed the PDP’s in this months issue. The reviewer was very impressed.


Not sure if either is “better” than the other. It comes down to personal choice. See if you can find a range that rents the PDP and do a side by side comparison based upon the way you shoot. Not based upon the subjective opinion of your friends or all the internet “experts”.
You may find that you like them both for different reasons. I have three different handguns that have three different roles. One for conceal carry, one for open carry, and one for self defense. I don’t especially think any of them are better than the other. They all do exactly what I have them for. It’s about functionality and purpose for me.