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Globe Sights With Inserts

has anyone else had the thought of incorporating inserts like the type used on globe front sights, into the s2k sighting system? I had a Diana air pump pellet rifle with one on it and a set of inserts.
Although they are used on front sights, my thought was using it on the rear sight, to get a more precision line up withe the front pin.
any thoughts?

anyone out there have these on muzzle loader maybe?

With your focus on the front sight, inserts in the rear will be invisible.

i thought about that. it would depend on what the design of the insert is. when i first got mine i drilled out the rear site to a larger diameter. In the process of sighting it in and thinking about it i came up with the idea of the inserts. To try the idea i took a sticky note and cut a very narrow piece out of the sticky part and cut a microscopic V-notch in it.
I then could stick it to the front or rear side of th sight. I stuck it on with the top edge and the notch just barely extending into the bottom of the sight field.
It took me a few try’s. the notch had to be just the right size and it had to be just right where it was placed across the bottom of the sight…
Eventually I did get it where you could sight through it and see the notch and the front pin centered in it.
I know what you mean about the point of focus being incompatible.
It took quite a few try’s with different notches to make it work. The notch had to be really, really tiny.
.It was maybe more an effect of light that made it work. Even though it was very close to the eye the V-notch was still distinct enough to center the pin within it.

I see. I can definitely see value in a precision aperture that could be pluged into the M*Carbo rear peep.

@jeffing65, I’m finding these very interesting: CloverLeaf Adjustable Aperture Peep Sights.

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@Dred I have never seen those before. They are a great concept. Have I been living under a rock, or is this the next big thing?

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@Dred those are interesting. they give a good example of what i was saying. when looking through the cloverleaf it is blurry but still has definable edges of any shape you make it.
@godallmighty they have been around a long time. I think they were used on the old sharps etc. maybe. Quiggly down under guns… The one on my Diana .22 pump air rifle had either 3 or 4 different insert discs.
here is a link that gives a good look at one. The disk is very thin spring steel and slides into the slot like a picture slide. this only shows one kind, but i also had one that was a cross-hair style, one that was kind of like a artificial horizon with a notch or something. cant quite remember.


I believe that most accuracy inconsistencies , at least with factory sights, is due to fact that where you center the front pin and the front sight housing itself within the view field of the rear sight is never precisely defined and repeated every shot. And with the short distance between front and rear it makes the effect worse.
I hope that makes sense.



Well. they are new to me. Ranger Point Precision just started offering them. Lever guns are my thing and I may give the cloverleaf a try - still have 3 running irons that are candidates. I’m also looking at investing in See-all Night Sights all 'round.


I haven’t shouldered a gun with these, but I’m going to try’m next time I’m at RPP (their shop is 15 minutes from my gf’s house).


@godallmighty Dont quote me on how long they haave been around. I seem to remember seeing them on the front sight of an old sharps.
@Dred I havent seen the rear cloverleaf sight before. If you do end up trying it i will be interested to see what you think
I have a browning BLR .308 .


Small worlds then 'cause my Belgium born .308 BLR gets loved with the Marlin Lever Family - I just hope I score a spare mag for it one day. She wears the same old panoramic Redfield 4x she wore home with me and I really like it.

I’m still getting to know my 1894CS so she could have a peep in her future. I imagine the 1895 with the See-all so I can aim her at night and the 336 will probably pack up and go to live with my gf’s son come Christmas.

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thats sweet. I like those old redfield’s.
And the others make a fine lineup too.

  • you just cant beat a new rifle for Christmas. lol

These are pics of the sights on my Diana now that I have it back. Thought it might give a better visual of what I had described and foster some new ideas. The only front sight insert I got back with it, unfortunately, was the one that was in it. These are pics of the front sight, with it in the sight, and with it out sitting on a matchbook.

These pics are of the rear sight. It has 4 positions with different profiles. It is spring loaded and the button on the front of it pushes in and turns.

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old rifles used a vernier tang style sight, sharps and the like. I use the #2 Lyman on my older winchester lever guns, the changeable disk help older eyes to focus easier, i use the larger disc…helps also when you hood the front sight…winchester64%2094%20001

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@GOBLIN nice. the disk you use is something like a .040 i think. I have the same problem with focus. It really s**ks. LOL

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