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Giant Raccoons Of The NW

I posted on another site about the giant raccoons we have up here and many doubted my word.
these guys can stand 3’ tall on their back legs, can walk upright and carry a bowl of dogfood off into the woods to eat.
My wife fed one for a year and it would follower her on it’s hind legs up to the porch until she fed it
it would stand off the porch in the morning waiting for a paper bowl of food, then carry it off to eat elsewhere.
they only live about 3 years, so the big guys don’t last long
I caught this photo of one of these creatures on my night camera


Looks like your buddy is waiting for dinner. ha ha We mainly have bunnies, coyotes and squirrels in Southern Washington.


Dang that is a big guy! I’m up in north central Washington and we have lots of wildlife here. I work swing shift and get off at about 11:00 and often see a family of them heading down to a lake I pass on the way home. I call 'em bandits lol…