Getting organized: Decent Glock mag rack

I bought couple of these for a very reasonable price on eBay and I’m very happy with the quality. 3d printed and made well. Sturdy. Poly ETS mags work fine in this rack but are a bit thicker on the ventral end so they dont slide down all the way to the base pad. But that’s no big deal.


Pic of ETS Glock mags and how they sit in the same bracket. The ETS S&W and Beretta mags of the same style (they are clear only, no color) slide all the way down. They dont have the same thickness at the bottom as their Glock mags.

Some gun makers advise not using these ETS Glock mags but for me they have worked flawlessly. No problems. I think it’s a better choice than the Korean knock-offs of Glock factory mags.


Someone should be able to that with a 3d printer. Anyone here doing so?
I would like one for 1911 mags and Beretta mags


They are definitely 3d printed. I had a gen 1 Makerbot that got ruined beyond repair in my last move. I made a lot of my own parts. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not that hard. I haven’t replaced the Makerbot yet. Otherwise I would have made these myself. But the price my seller was asking is pretty reasonable.

That spacer people use to allow a Mossberg or Remington shotgun to fire short shells… I bought one and replicated it using my Makerbot. The copies worked perfectly. 3D printers are really useful tools. Takes a while to master it though.


I need a better workshop before i get a printer myself, but i have enough CAD CAM experience to make stuff happen. My son is getting into it in High school, so i think im going to start hand drafting “some things” for him to build in class!