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Getting Mine "Decked Out"

First thing I wanted to do after getting my SUB 9mm was see what custom pieces were available. Once the cheek hit the tube I knew I wanted a cover and the length of pull was a little short, so when I found the M*Carbo page, I ordered the tube cover and butt stock pad. Got them in today and installed both.

When I bought this, the guy I got it from had it in this RedHead case. It fit very nicely. I thought I would switch over to a soft case, but then once everything was installed I thought I’d see if it still fit and it does.

I knew once I saw the 33 rounders this would be the one to get…it came with the regular 15 round mag and two of the 33s. I also got a loader for the mags.

The case is the vinyl version but they also carry an aluminum sided case from what I found online. This one is only $29 new and the aluminum one is $49. Figured I’d post this in case anyone was looking for another way to carry their SUB. The latches work nicely and only one motion is necessary to open them.

The pad and cover were both very easy to install. Since I work building decks and such, working with drills is no problem and the holes turned out perfectly since I had the stock in my vise in the shop during the drilling. The feel of the rifle changed considerably with the pad and cover installed. Now I need to get outside and do some shooting!




Kelly, you definitely ‘decked out’ your Sub2K. Sorry that I am not looking for a case right now, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with the brotherhood. Blessings to you and yours and have a great day, brother~


Looks nice but if you had a muzzle device on the barrel would the case still close?


Not enough room in this particular case. I don’t know about other sizes, you’d have to look up Redhead’s website or maybe one of their vendors to see if they have a bigger one. With the butt pad, I am maxxed out in mine for width!

I would have never thought about a hard case for mine had it not come with the purchase. I have soft cases for everything else I have in the safe. Hey but when it’s free and it works…I’m using it. I looked up the prices because I thought I’d sell the case, but decided to keep it after all.


Thanks, hope you had a good day as well…I only posted the prices cause I thought someone else might want to consider that for their setup. They are priced fairly reasonably for what they are. Not sure who sells them.



RedHead is a Bass Pro Shops product.


I knew I had seen the name somewhere.


Plano 18" Pistol Case fits the sub2k with the MCARBO muzzle brake.20190420_112757


Here’s mines…
Nanak 940 case
There are a few threads on the forum with photos of cases and ideas.