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Getting it back together!

Following the outdated video, I just installed the SUB-2000 All In One Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle. Everything went fine, except the grip panels will not come together. I am able to move the hammer spring out of the way, but the panels still will not come together. Any hints on how to reassemble my G2 will be appreciated. Thanks - Ron


Straighten the barrel assembly. If it’s not level it puts tension on the parts.


Getting the grip parts back together was the hardest part when i did all the internals on my gen2 sub2k but with a little fidgeting it finally snap together. It might not be much help but a little patience was key to getting it back together properly for me. And like phuzzy said just making sure everything is levelled and nothing binding.


So …

Are you using a magazine to guide the magwell bits into proper orientation? Are all f your springs properly captured and set? Will you take and share a picture of the loaded up left half ready for the right half lay over?

I think the number of responses is indicative of not having enough information about your specific failure to actually diagnose. We’re sorta sstuuck with make up a reason for nterference and suggest a fix for the made up problem.


Thanks for the response. All good ideas. The video did not mention inserting a magazine. I will try that. If I continue to have issues, I will post a photo.



The magazine helped me, I ran into the same issue.