Gen2 Sub2k replacement springs/trigger weight

hey all, new member here, i have some goodies for my Sub2k in the shopping cart. (complete trigger kit, cheek pad recoiless handle)
i’ll mostly be shooting reloads (95gr H.A.P. over 4.4gr titegroup, WSP) zero issues with these rounds in my G19, G43X, Shield 2.0 and the 23 rounds i put through the brand new sub had no issues (range day cut short due to lightning on the 4th)

my question is about the replacement springs and trigger weight… stock the thing is around 8lbs, in the videos it appears the kit gets things down to 4. what if i want to split the difference?

has anyone tested different spring combinations for different trigger weights? like, if i want 6lbs, should i just replace one spring and not all of them? which one?

thanks is advance!


That’s a great question and the best answer you might get is from someone at MCarbo.I’d start with a call to them.

Honestly the MCarbo spring weight is just about perfect for the gun. I usually prefer lighter springs but this one with the metal trigger and trigger guard just feels good. I’d said it’s probably around 4.5 lbs just comparing it to some of my other guns. I have highly calibrated fingers, you know

I’d recommend going whole hog when you get into the spring kit. Do the trigger, trigger guard, feed ramp and screws all at the same time. Not a job you want to redo. Take detailed pics as you disassemble too.

Once you do all that it’s a whole different gun. Mine felt cheap from the factory. I honestly thought it wouldn’t last. Now it feels nice and solid. It’s actually one of my favorite guns to shoot now.