Gen 2 Sub2000 SBR?

So, maybe a new idea for the winter. What, if any, reason would I want to shorten the 16" barrel to a Shorter version? Our gun group is sort of a free-for-all on IDPA PCC class guns. Arm braces allowed, Folding stocks allowed, and a few MP5s from Sig allowed. I thought an 8 or 9 inch barrel with a shortened fore-end and NO front sight would be easy. I would take a pipe cutter to the stock barrel and remove the leading edge. BUT, could I actually remove the barrel from the hinge, and re-tap the threads? Is the barrel actually threaded into the hinge block? Or would cutting the threads there be a “Heat” problem? Any thoughts? Any legal advice? Thanks 11/29/2022


If’n I was building a SBR for PCC Competitions - Foxtrot Mike all the way.

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OK, I will keep that in mind…

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