Gen 1 Rescue - rebuild and upgrade

This old Gen 1 S2K is going to get the full restoration treatment. As I posted recently, it took some effort to get the pressed-on metal bushing off the front of the barrel. Apparently, this Sub 2000 was among some of the first made and the front sight was not glued on.

The photo doesn’t show the true condition. The inner works. springs, hammer, basically all the fire control bits are worn and a little rusty. The screws and washers for the grip/receiver also have some corrosion and a couple are slightly buggered. The guy that had this before me didn’t take very good care of it. Probably a truck gun he didn’t shoot much and obviously never cleaned or lubricated.

Everything is getting Cerakote. I’m noodling on the color scheme now. I’m a little bored with FDE, black and OD Green. I may do something dramatic and different. Open to suggestions. I considered Zombie Green or Safety Orange. I don’t care for patterns or camo on firearms like this one. It’s not a hunting gun. Maybe a dark blue/tungsten combo.

The internals are getting the deluxe Mcarbo treatment. External, a red dot, the MCarbo optics mount, plus other stuff I haven’t decided on yet.

Yea. I’m putting 400 bucks into a $225 gun. I gave up fast cars and chasing women. Got to spend it on something. You can’t take it with you.


I like the dark blue/tungsten idea. Maybe with some black highlights?


nice take down with pics.


I struggled with the color decision but settled on Vortex Bronze and Graphite Black. Cerakote.

I have used other coatings, but nothing I found is as durable as Cerakote. Duracoat and others like it - esp. rattle can varieties - are OK for a trunk gun and you don’t care what it looks like. Plan on redoing it again a couple of years later.

A lot of people complain about the DIY coatings from Brownells and MidwayUSA, etc., but most of the time their complaint was their own doing. Not prepping the piece before spraying. That said, even when done right those DIY, no-bake alternatives are not as chemical resistant or hard as Cerakote. I have a Mossberg Shockwave shorty that I Cerakoted six years ago. I’ve put hundreds of rounds thru it and carried it on gritty desert and wet mountain trails in a stiff nylon scabbard that’s not exactly diaper soft. The gun still looks like new.

If all you want is to git 'er done, then even Rustoleum will do. Some prefer to cut their hair with a Flowbee. That’s OK with me. I’m too vain.

If this Gen 1 9mm project turns out like I’ve planned, I will do the same with a Gen 1 .40 and make that one Dark Blue with Tungsten.


Hmmm … Optics mount is a gen 2 thing unless you have @GOBLIN level ambitions. Keltec will make your gen 1 into a gen 2 for very reasonable money.


Thanks for the correction. Brain lapse. I should have said Red Lion. Twist vs. flip.

I didn’t know KT will do a conversion. Good to know. What exactly do they replace in that offer?

Maybe it’s just me. I really struggle with Kel-Tec etc support. I can never get a straight answer to a simple question.


This may help explain the KT update service:


That’s a hard offer to refuse. I’m going to call them Monday. Zero mention of this on the KT web site.


I ordered the MCarbo full Monty internal parts upgrade yesterday and it’s on the way. Made an appt with a somewhat local Cerakote shop to drop off the parts I want coated (I am 40 miles from civilization). That’s on Wednesday. The ‘cerakotist’ told me three weeks, but I think he will get it done sooner. I did all the dismantling and dont need him to do that afterwards. I prefer to do the re-assembly.

@Dred, I called and shure s__t they still do it. My other .40 S2k will be on the way to Florida by end of week. Thx for the tip!