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GARY SINISE: A True American Patriot

Actor Gary Sinise just flew 1000 Gold Star children and their family to Disney World for a 5 day Christmas vacation. He is a True Patriot taking these children of our fallen veterans/first responders for a vacation that one of their parents will never be able to. Nothing can replace a parent lost serving our country, but Gary is doing what he can to help ease the pain. I salute you Mr. Sinise.


@Texprep, He ROCKS!!! Hearing and ‘seeing’ things like that really brings tears to one’s eyes…


Gary Sinise, an all around talented and cool guy has been doing good things for years - not your typical celebrity. Imagine if all the wealthy actors, musicians and athletes were as generous and philanthropical…


@Texprep this is really a big “dill”


I wish there were more “celebrities” that would think like this man does. I really thought the Robertson’s would take the front on stuff like this and they are great people with great qualities a but nowhere near as involved as I thought they would be. Jase actually spoke at my church one Sunday and did a meet and greet he is an awesome guy and by far my favorite Robertson cept for Phil. @Texprep thanks for sharing this. Just wish there was more of this kinda thing going around. Kid rock went to his local Walmart following in the footsteps of Tyler Perry and paid off $80,000 worth of Christmas layaway items. Why do we only act this way during Christmas time. Should be everday