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Game Hunting With S2k

has anyone done any kind of game hunting with their sub2000?
I hunt deer along the snake river here in Idaho, where short range weapons are allowed (pistol, muzzle loader, shotgun, and bow) using a shotgun and slugs. Unfortunately for me, the s2k is not allowed as a short range weapon in Idaho.
I am curious if anyone has used the s2k for short range game hunting in other states or even regular any weapon seasons.


Im planning to. Let me add to your question, anyone suggest ammo to hunt with out of a sub? Im using the .40


Good Question’ I wish I could Hunt SE AK with The SK2, For me and the bear’s it’s still the 375 H&H till I move Back to Ketchum’ :rofl:


yes, thank you for adding that. mine is also a .40

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also here is a link to the reloading topic. Our re loaders may have some very useful info and incite on the question of game hunting loads.

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I have a buddy with a 375 H&H. Can’t go wrong with a caliber that has some authority. For certain in bear country.


Only pest animals so far, mainly hogs and feral pigs. I can easily whip this thing out on the side of the road and drop some passerby pigs, or at least let them bleed out as they scurry off back into the woods.


Dropped a coyote at a full run at about 50 yards. I love my sub2k.