G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Are the 60 Rd sticks reliable? I’ve been wanting to go there but if I hit the range in Frederick where they encourage mag dumps I worry about liquefying my barrel…

…because if I buy one I’ll end up with like 10…


I’ve used it 3 times. Once with LC 55 grain, once with 55 grain Hornaday poly tipped and once with 62 grain Hornaday Black (in that order iirc). It hung up twice (lower follower got stuck) on the LC and ran fine for the polys. I took it apart then and did notice a bit of rough edging on the lower follower which I cleaned up with a burr knife and some 800 grit up to 1200 grit paper. Reloaded the Blacks and it ran fine.

That would be my only say…tear it down and check for over/bad molding on the lower follower.


I’m on another list now…

Got a .300 so I can use it for multiple chambers. Ordered an adapter to put it on my .223 and .22’s today and ordered a bulk box of 1,600 Winchester Super Suppressed subsonic.

Kinda caught me off guard to get that email today saying it was approved. Didn’t expect it for another month.

…now I need a .300BLK upper…

Just a Witt Dirty 30


VSeven came through for me and shipped a .308 firing pin. Grade 5 ELI titanium…


:bulgaria: Eastern bloc mags:


Not much g.a.s but thought id share the fact ive got my first ever weapon mounted flashlight. Ive tryed a few lasers on this and that over the years. But no flashlights. My new ria vrpf14 short shotty just felt like she needed a flashlight. 90 degree offset pic mount with 450 lumens. In a dark bedroom its like cutting lightswitch on. For now i still wanted access to the factory sights later i might just mount a flashlight laser combo on the top and not worry about the sights.


Looks like some states are allowing use for hunting. And would be less cumbersome than a crossbow


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