G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

I have a hard time spending money. My wife knows I’m like this so she doesn’t question any of my purchase decisions. In fact she kind of encourages it. She likes seeing me happy. I do have to justify it in my own head first tho. I need for us to be stocked up on food, vehicle ready for travel and emergency storm provisions before I add to my stash. Anything I buy at this point is just a want, not a need.


Finally, I received the Defense Mechanisms kit I ordered several months ago. They make all their stuff in-house, so it takes a while to get.

Pictured above is Mech battle belt and inner belt, buildable placard with Multicam wrap for two AR10 mag pouches, two pistol mag pouches. Two AR10 mag pouches for belt, dump pouch and a few odds & ends.
I was a little hesitant to get the buildable placard, but HRT didn’t have good offering [imo] for the .308 magazines. Turns out the DM kit is the bees’ knees.
Quality shtuff, I recommend.
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I am lactose intolerant, therefore you post offended me. Just kidding.

Great looking setup with a billion options.

My go rig is pieced together web belt extensions. Makes it modular.


My two tier taco holds all the ammunition I care to haul, and spare slots for the mags in the pistols