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G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

I wanted to start this thread as I don’t think anything like it exist on the forum yet.
Basically a thread to share gear you are wanting to buy, going to buy, or just really have to have, you get the idea!
Not sure if anyone is familiar with the term ( Gear Acquisition Syndrome ) aka GAS.
I see that most of us suffer from it. May as well talk about it and share photos of the gear you going to buy you don’t want your wife to know about…
Like the $900 gun you’re about to buy that you will say was $400 if asked.
It aint easy having GAS all the time.


Pretty sure I got it. I still haven’t told my fiancè about the El Diablo 12ga pistol but I’ve got a couple months to break the news. And back in January I purchased 2 plate carrier and plates from AR500 Armor that will also be arriving in a couple months. She’s a great gall, loves shooting too, but she did look at me like I was a bit crazy. Better to ask forgiveness than permission lol

Sorry, I forgot a pic. Also 1 in black.


Okay, I’d like the .22lr conversion for the Beretta 92 series.https://www.berettausa.com/en-us/beretta-conversion-kit-92-series-15-round-mag-/?__hstc=215082120.513d16c46ead230290cfc61d9fa23369.1588257603618.1588257603618.1588261761354.2&__hssc=215082120.1.1588261761354&__hsfp=753175602&_ga=2.71684627.1092976370.1588257581-283328495.1588257581


Im GASSIN real bad for this SIG M400 TREAD Rifle! Would be my first AR. Been doing alot of research. Think this is the one for me. I love the ascetics! Not to much I would mod or change, great specs. I know I can get or build for probably half the price
but the heart wants what the heart wants…sigh

@Festus & @Shanedog feel free to share photos!


Thats awesome man! Want one really bad! What the total price plus shipping on one vest with plate carrier? And the lead time, like 12 weeks?


If I had the bucks and if they were available, I’d be looking hard at the Hellcat and the Ruger PC Charger.


I want the CZ-USA Shadow 2 Kadet 22 LR Conversion Kit for my Shadow, but man they are high!


I’m strictly a builder now-a-days, but have considered getting a Tread.
And the $800+ price tag is a bargain for the quality and features it has.
Honestly, I believe to get another AR of this quality, would cost $1400+

Back on topic, my wants are many. So I’ll keep it to a realistic perspective.
Remington R1 two-tone, PC Charger, Sig P938, a few Holosun HS407C.
A few Romeo5, one with the Tread logo. Flux Defense MP17 brace version.
And my most wanted, Sig Cross rifle in 277 Fury.


If you could find one the ELITE looks like the way to go.
Already has the forearm that is BALLS KICKIN’. That is why I opted for the ruger MPR When I went looking. But like some of the DETAILthe 400 has.


There’s also the Predator in 300 blk. But I actually like the Tread, better.

I like the Tread handguard so much, I put one on my AR9.


HOOT … my bank balance already suffers from gear acquisition syndrome. Thankfully, I’m symptom free. I may or may not be one of dem “carrier” types.

My wants are eclectic and fairly random. First 3 shooters that come to mind on the want list are: Nylon Seventy-six, Colt ACE 22lr 1911 and a Browning T-bolt.

I purchased my Holosun 507k a month ago - hopefully, they land soon.

If I can spend your money, I’ll upgrade all my glass.

And probably most of all, I’d like 10 Acres within 1 hour of Houston.


They were running a sale back in January. They were about $250 for the carrier and level 3 plates for the Testudo carrier. They run specials all the time. And the wait time is crazy long. I dont expect them to be delivered untill July sometime. This covid crap has really set them behind, and they said they are selling them like mad since January.


I’ll look up my order when I get a chance and send you the actual price when ordered and which package I ordered.


I’m gonna add a Remington R51 to this. Don’t know why, but I really want one.


One of these, it was the first pistol I ever fired as a 18 year old in the British Army.



Got GAS?

I accidentally bought (only almost, but inching closer) a gun I didn’t realize existed until this morning. Youtube reviews are playing in the background. Found it at a price that is a go through a local brick and mortar’s distributor link.

Look at this here little beast:

It’s the RIA BBR 3.10. Joker is steady whispering sweet nothings in my ear - sultry bedroom voice even.

If I fail to resist, it might be just the perch for the 507k I’m wait’n on. The black front sight is sorta mandated by the porting but I don’t lik’m so …


And it’s pushing .45 ACP, that’s a feisty little bugger for sure. Good looking little shooter, too. RIA’s got some interesting 1911 based offerings.


And now there is another one I think I want. Need more research.


@Dred Reminds me of the old Para Warthog.


I agree, but this one is priced attractively. Warthog has been on my radar but I missed the brief price dip when Para folded pre Remington buyout.