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Funny things you encountered whilst you were on duty 1st hand

Ladies and Gentlemen i would like to ask if you could provide funny stories of what you encountered whilst on duty (assuming you are all veterans like myself or police or security related) preferably 1st hand funny ones that occurred to you or you actually witnessed, ( no secret stuff and no Walter Mitty stuff.
I have a fair few, which if the topic picks up i will share, i ask as most civilians do not understand the humour, and would not believe, and i think this audience would be the most appropriate.
I would also like to ask if you submit them to agree or disagree (start with yes or no, prior to your story ) that i may have permission to pick the best ones to publish either in a wider audience or in a publication. Please no naming and shaming of actual persons,

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Sure’ Yes’ Fell asleep during a training Class in the 2nd week of Boot Camp’ Ended up Hold the Old Style School desk at arm’s Length going ‘‘Beep Beep’’ At the 4 four points of Compass. :rofl: