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Funny Dog Food Joke

A lady went to her favorite Super-Market. At the checkout, she had place a bag of Dog Food. The checkout Lady, who knew her well, asked, “Did you get a Dog?” She said no, this was for her Husband. The checkout gal said, that will kill him; to which the Lady said, No, he likes it.

As time passed, the same played out. 6 months later the Lady returned to the Market; but this time didn’t buy the Dog Food. The checkout gal asked why she didn’t buy some. The Lady replied, “Oh, my husband died.” The gal said, I knew that Dog Food would kill him! The Lady replied, "Oh no, he was sitting out in the road licking himself, and a car hit him!


I was buying some chicken legs for a BBQ and because I am a smart ass and the kid checking me out kinda needed messing with I asked if the legs were front or back legs? Deer in headlights look, he had to ask another clerk who didn’t know either so they called for a manager. The people behind me were dying watching this go on. Manager came to see what the issue was and had to inform the two morons that all chicken legs are hind legs and now I am not allowed back in that store. Ooops