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Full Length Forend


Can’t wait to see. If it works I would probably switch out my 420 to a free float.


So my design was slightly off, hence the gap in the bottom picture.
But that would actually work well for a clamp on hand guard.
I don’t currently have a spare clamp on hand guard to test it.
Nor do I feel like removing my front sight.

Great experience gained, however, so I’m happy with the results.
The print quality could have been better, but I had it set low for speed.
Still took an hour for each piece.



Amazing research and valiant effort to follow your dreams of building the perfect SUB-2000 for your own personal liking!!! Also the funds to follow one’s heart??? :+1::+1::+1:


I think I’m going about this all wrong. Instead of an adapter for clamp on handguards, this should be made to accept standard barrel nuts. More beneficial to everyone and definitely easier to achieve.

The end result was always to made of aluminium, adding threads makes it a requirement. I would be willing to spend a little more time on this project and then pass on the STL to someone with the equipment to replicate it.



Just my humble opinion, I think you should follow your ‘original’ design and not for ease sake… If you enjoy the challenge then nothing is more satisfying than personal achievement? The end result is that you will ‘own’ an idea that is YOURS, my friend. Don’t be robbed by what others may think! There is a vast crowd with so many opinions? That is why I pursue my own builds with my firearms. There are too many aftermarket companies with too many ‘toys’ to choose from and all of them are in competition for your business! Stay true to yourself and best wishes in all your endeavors… I am looking forward to ‘seeing’ your end results!!!


I’m abandoning my other idea for one I think will be better. The shorter one I was working on could still be a viable project on down the road. But it needs to be all metal. This new one will be a 3 piece adapter for 7-10" quad rails or handguards. A metal plate that’s mounted with the barrel nut. A PLA mid section, roughly 4-5 inches. And finally a metal plate with AR barrel nut threads on it. I have the mid section drawn up, just need to work on the metal bits.



Charles, I am honored that you notified me about your project. I truly want to encourage those that think ‘outside the box,’ and not get discouraged by what others think and feel. It is that negativity that stifles greatness! You cannot imagine ‘my’ table full of uncompleted projects waiting to find a HOME!!! Big smiles. Keep at it… I am looking forward to ‘seeing’ a completed project. Don’t bother leaving your ‘starting block’ hard… You are already a winner! Blessings, my friend.