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Full Length Forend


I too wish offered a full length hand gaurd


@JoeFridaySays I really did mean it when I said “feel free to say no!” I am sure all the brothers realize you have a life outside of the forum. :grin:

But what you did was pretty cool and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a whole lot of new builds you inspired! :+1:

What if MCARBO designed a double sided rail that could be pivoted on that hinge mount? Lock it to the forward rail with a set screw. :astonished:


Here is my thought on if someone had the inclination to fabricate a totally maxed out, full length fore end, then variations could be dealt with easily to make it shorter.
I think KT lost out when they developed the gen2 with no consideration for the variance like they did with the gen1 420 fore end. Hell any designer team should have had thrown into the mix when the gun came down the pike.
I do not know but I guess kt developed the 420 fore end with the placement of the barrel clamps so as to mitigate any barrel resonance so I would leave mounting any "full length fore end with that in mind then just JIG UP and bend and finish similar frame pieces that would allow for utilization of all the space between the front of a folded rear sight Lock up in folded position of the top rail and maximized space on the bottom rail to accommodate fun things to one’s pleasure. Just front of the hinge to the rear of the front sight strap.
In this scenario the aiming accessories are optimized and the support options grips of all flavors and lower mounted aiming devices is maximized.

The KT420 does that for you! You have rail all the way to the folded position of the rear sight.
You take off the front sight .
Mount the scope on a high riser so the SeeAll is under the look through riser of the scope.
Simple isn’t it ? just like finding a young rich cute lady that wants a good kept man.

USPS just dropped the replacement 420 in my mail box ! Going to install.


Thanks. I knew I could do it with the 420, but I’m cheap and was trying to figure a way to do it with the OEM forend since I’m not 100% committed to the idea. I don’t think there is a good way though and it ultimately is probably a cheaper, better solution to use the 420 if I really decide to mount them both.


Oooo… My head is swimming with ideas?? Thanks @JoeFridaySays for an inspiring post!! :+1:
Can’t add anything to really advance the discussion but, will throw this out and hope for some constructive criticism. Buy the KT 1504 forend and 13 inch rails, then use part of the old front end to finish out with obtaining @JoeFridaySays images 3 & 4 above. I have really wanted Magpul filpup sights.


The Gen1 OEM fore end ?


No mine is a Gen 2, S&W 9 all upgrades except muzzle break. Sorry I didn’t mention that with previous post. :hot_face: OBW @Turmeric1 Have read your posts on polishing and tuning a dozen times. Even inspired me to tear down my 3 CZ pistols and polish them!! Thanks Brother, you rock!! :+1:



While most of us are adding things to our firearms, one is relentlessly stripping things away; drilling down to the Zen of the S2K. He still has the OEM front sight but says even that will be gone when the MCarbo optic mount proves reliable. He probably has no need of an extended forend, but his thinking and minimalist approach inspired the illustration below that might lead some of you in new directions. He has shared his ideas freely in Forum posts, so I hope @Dred won’t mind me borrowing the basics of his gun layout. That is a SeeAll Sight by the way.

@Turmeric1 I haven’t forgotten you. I’m still waiting for a better explanation of just what you are looking for.


NP. I am trying to achieve NiRVANA ! :beer::beer::beer: and girls. OOOPS Girls with guns.


Well at least you have your priorities straight. Good luck!

The Forum Bot just told me I am posting too much so I guess I am done for the Night.


I an glad to hear it is only 4 2night


Looks like a whole new gun!:+1:


@Boomchucker I agree! @JoeFridaySays has given me a whole new line of thought on the S2K. I was even thinking of seeing what it would cost to have a full length forend with rail 3D printed?


Now that I’m off the Forum Bot’s radar, here is a configuration most of us can probably relate to. It retains the rear sight (OEM or MCarbo) folded out of the way, adds an MBUS front sight now that there is a place to mount one, and has a mid-level optic that is a popular choice among forum members. I also think too much FDE gets boring and would add some contrast if I were doing a build. In this case, I used a dark brown for the rail, buffer tube. angled grip and parts of the butt stock to contrast with the FDE and also gave the receiver screws the @DivaMarie treatment. If you were really ambitious, you could paint or Cerakote the optic and MBUS as well. I’m not sure those coatings would hold up to the heat of the muzzle brake so you probably want to leave it black. I personally like that menacing look anyway.


VERY’ VERY’ VERY’ NICE ! :heart_eyes: What color on the Screws? And I’d love to see this in a Different Lighting. :sunglasses:


@DivaMarie I am not a graphic artist and do not own any high end graphic programs. I do not even work in layers generally. I therefore am very limited in what I can do with colors while still keeping the underlying details of the object – in this case the gun. I have to overlay the color transparently so the features of the gun still show through and that means the color often does not apply true and is completely unpredictable. What should be a simple tan fill may be bright orange in some places and dark brown in others depending on the shade of the underlying feature. I can avoid that by using solid colors but then all of the gun’s features are lost and it becomes a cartoon.

That is a long way of saying I tried to do the screws with the same color as the rail but ended up having to hit them three times with a fill effect and then ultimately paint over them twice by hand using that color – and they are still different from the rail. When I finally got one of each size that was marginally acceptable, I used a “lasso” crop tool to copy it and then pasted it over the other ones.

As for seeing it in different lighting…call Industrial Light and Magic or take your computer to a different room. This is JoeFridaySays’ Greasy Hollow Redneck Productions and we don’t do no stinkin’ lighting effects. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All I Meant a Different Picture of the Master Piece’ Why didn’t you get the screws from Hobby Land or Who ever’


@Johnksg If you are seriously thinking along those lines, a better choice might be having one CNC milled from a piece of aluminum billet. The cost may be excessive though because they want to do everything to aerospace standards. I would check first at the nearest technical college to see if something like you want would be deemed a good project for the students that could be done at cost. We used to get unusual items made for the farm that way and the teachers loved having the projects.


@JoeFridaySays Good idea!


I have no master piece. I used the illustrations I made above and modified them based on the pic below that @Dred had posted of his firearm. The firearm you liked exists only in my imagination so screws from Hobby Land would not have helped.