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Full Length Forend


This may have been covered but could find any topics. Does anyone make a full length forend similar to red lion that I could mount a flip up front sight on and get rid of the factory sight? Looking to put an AR stock on and not worried about it locking when folded since it will be transported inside a carry case.


I really do not understand why KT does not !!!
I do think Chris needs to hire a GOOD designer to leap frog any one else in product development. the market would blow up. Have you seen Frankenstein’s big brother ? I think tomorrow I will see if he is worth his keep.


@BReno I don’t think anyone manufactures a forend like you are looking for and your best bet is probably a third-party front sight. On the other hand, @Flogrown mounted the nose of a Gen1 front end in front of a Kel Tec forend. If you did something similar using a section with the picatinny rail molded into it, you might be able to mount a flip up sight as you describe (a new Gen 2 forend to cut up for that purpose would cost $60). I would check the posts at the link below and then message @Flogrown for more details if you want to pursue that approach. I think it probably would be simpler though to just replace the front sight with the RLP folding sight (around $85) or something similar. I don’t have one but the reviews on the forum are pretty good.


Much better picture


Really looking at something similar to RLPs but longer. Flip up sight mounted to rail instead of barrel.


@BReno You can see where @Flogrown has responded and posted info on his mod. Below is a pic I did to show how it would look if you did the mod mounting part of a Gen2 forend. I’m not sure how @Flogrown mounted his securely, but I would consider two M-Lok picatinny rails to help lock it down as shown in the photo. You could then use them for a light/laser, etc. so they weren’t wasted. You could run them the full length of the rail if you wanted and it would look like a fully equipped RLP forend.

You may have no interest in this, but it may give someone else on the Forum some ideas.

EDIT: With a little cutting and filing, you could shape the rear of the addition for a much better, almost seamless fit than what I show here.


@JoeFridaySays Chris should put you on the payroll to do graphic mock ups of ideas/concepts. I don’t know how you do it but it is great!

I would buy THAT forend in a hot second!


@JoeFridaySays @Johnksg is right…your the man.


@Johnksg I already out of likes for the day I took your. Spot


@Johnksg Thanks, but read backwards in the thread. You can make it yourself for $60 plus the cost of whatever picatinny rails you choose. I don’t know for certain that it would fit such a short section, but if I did this, I would also try to use a stabilizer like the one from Performance Products to securely attach the section to the barrel:


@JoeFridaySays Oh I read the thread! Lol.
What I was responding to was the images you created, just like you did for my Cerakote scheme. It really makes a difference to “see what it would look like” before you go tearing into things blindly!


@Johnksg I’ve gotten to where I do that for most things I tackle and find it highlights potential problems early on, saving headaches (and money) that makes it worth the time invested in doing it.
It is really no different than drawing up plans except this is easier to edit and try different things. Want to try it a different color? Click. Facing the other way? Click.


@JoeFridaySays it sure beats the paper and pencil sketches I rely upon!

I can see a whole lotta of the brotherhood asking you to do similar work for their project ideas. :grin:


Beautiful concept. Really makes that stock Gen2 forend work for me. I can picture the muzzle brake on there, the new hing mount, flip up MBUS, give me a little more reach. A+ R&D!


God I hope not very many! :open_mouth: I’m too busy as it is and I would feel obliged to somehow find the time to make it happen. I do enjoy the challenge every once in a while though when something catches my interest like your green gun. And sometimes, like this, it is the best way to respond to someone’s question.


@JoeFridaySays Can I give you a “challenge?” (Feel free to say no!)

Could you do a mock up of your full length forend with a muzzle break, no rear sight, and an AR style buttstock like the one below in tan and dark earth? I think a lot of brothers would like it?


I think I can do that if I can find the appropriate images to use, but it might be the weekend before I can get to it. You guys need to understand though that I have no real graphic arts training and am basically just slapping this stuff together. It won’t withstand close scrutiny.


@JoeFridaySays no rush and no obligation brother! But you have a skill that many of us lack and I think the concept of such a package would be something that more than a few members would find interesting!

I know I for one have the S2K “rebuild bug.” I keep eyeing my wife’s but she says, " hands off! " lol. (So I ordered 2 more).



Would like to add this to the RLP forend instead of their handguard. Might just need to purchase the RLP forend and try to see if I can get it to mount securely. Have an old handguard laying around from an AR build. Most likely will try the AR stock this spring using a Mission First minimalist stock.


@Flogrown That’s wild! I used the picatinny reinforcement idea before seeing this better pic showing you apparently had done the same thing. :rofl: