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Front Sight Post Upgrade


Thanks… The crazy thing is I just placed an order with them yesterday for a taller sight post and paid an absurd $8.00 shipping… Maybe I should of asked sooner… smh


@S2K thats the way it always works…lucky for me its about a 15/20 min drive, i still wait till i want/need/desire more than 1 thing before i go though…:+1::+1::+1:


@DivaMarie . when i picked up that armalite a while back, some “special” gun bunny had locktited the front sight in place… i broke pins off 3 different tools, and 1 punch before i finally flipped it over and heated it uppppp. put a trijicon sight back in it. no red locktite…


@S2K call em tomorrow and see if they will add it to your order…


I will contact them in the morning to see if my package has shipped already. Hopefully it hasn’t.


I found my next front/rear sight upgrade…


MCARBO should make these right away. Great novelty gift idea, better even if they were functional.:+1:


Imagine the looks you would get at the range…LMAO


MCARBO should be selling a taller front sight post to go along with their notched rear sight.


Should send that pic to Pelosi and crew, it would drive them nuts. It violates their “PC” code on multiple levels.


s2k would you please say exactly which one you bought on amz so we don’t buy that one (I ordered one from amz and i’m just hoping it will fit. my sub2k is at KT so i won’t know till it gets back).


@dave67 dang thats different, but i would like the rear sight to be a V for victory sign…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This does not fit the sub 2000 gen 2 front sight


@500c let me know if the one you bought fits when get a chance to try it.



will do…


unfortunatly the sub2k is w KT right now, but here’s what i bought. stay tuend for rpt


I have the Kel Tec sight tool. Works nicely.
Part #SU16-930. $16. But has useful screwdriver as well.


Thanks @Gatekeeper I’m going to look into it now. I never bothered to actually look on the kel-tec website.:grin:


i just got my gun back from KT and can confirm that this amz tool works…this one ($8.99):

Ultimate Rifle Build Front Sight Adjustment Tool - 4 & 5 Prong for Quick Elevation Adjustment



the ‘tips’ are very fragile, fyi