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Front Sight Post Upgrade


I see it now.

KelTec does make a barrel thread protector for the Sub2000 that can be used if you decide to remove front sight. part number #S2K-803.
Acording to Tim @KelTec it is about an inch long.
THanks for the help !!!


@Gatekeeper I have the Red Lion front sight installed, it does not add bulk or weight over the stock front sight. It is a very well made piece with a few advantages over the stock front sight, you will not be disappointed.


Too funny - the link in the text you quoted is the direct link to P/N s2k-803. I have it; I’ll install it when I pull my sight. Hopefully, it won’t get repurposed before I’m ready to install it.


I had the notched rear sight but removed it. I couldn’t get the factory front sight to raise high enough to work. it ran out of thread. So I went back to the factory rear pep sight but took a file and made the hole just a bit larger. I will try the MCARBO notch again when I find a good replacement for the Factory front sight.


how high did you need to go KM? if you got a rail, flip up magpull sight is taller.(for AR )


I ended up with the front sight all the way up to a point it wobbled.


That is something to look into. Thank you


@KM55 Notch Rear Sight - You also could try making your own custom rear notch at a height that works with the front sight. The investment is under $10, so if it doesn’t work you are mainly out the time you have put into it. See this post:

There are a few related posts with additional tips in the same thread, but that is the main post. For example, forget the little hobby files and use the edge of a regular bastard file to finish up the notch - it is close enough to the desired measurement and cuts a lot faster.


I had the same problem with the notched rear sight. I have a Blitzkrieg Luminescent Dagger front sight post and it is as high as possible and still a little low at 25 yards. I believe the Red Lion folding front sight sits a little higher than the OEM front sight.


Dave, is the Red Lion front sight the same height as the factory sight or a little taller. Thanks


@Scooter Go to the Lousy Cheap Red/Green Dot Optic TOPIC, I have pictures of both and your questions are answered there but yes it is same height as far as I can tell.


I found two solutions to address the problem of the front sight not having enough height to pair with the MCARBO notched rear sight:

  1. KNS Precision Square .072 Front Sight .040 Taller $10

  2. Red Lion Precision Front Sight $85
    “Our folding front sight covers the same height range as the factory sight plus a little extra both directions. If your rear sight is the Mcarbo you should be OK as others have used the two together without issue as I beleive the Mcarbo is only 1/8” higher than factory. Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions."

Red Lion Precision, LLC


@Scooter Why do I keep hearing that the MCARBO rear sight is taller than the stock Sub-2000 rear sight, I replaced mine and they are the exact same height. I brought this up once before and was told the older Sub-2000 rear sights were shorter, this should be clarified by someone that knows more about this.


Waiting for my RL front sight to be delivered today. Was supposed to come in last night but never did.


@dave67 Please see this post for a detailed response to your question, with photos.



The MCARBO notched rear sight is taller than the factory peep sight. In a notched sight, the aim alignment is from the top of the notch. At least that is how I aim.



@JoeFridaySays So all I can say is the rear sight I took off of my Sub (purchased in March of 2018) is the same height as the new MCARBO peep sight I installed so that’s why I didn’t understand what I was hearing. Thanks for the update.


I just got my RL today, it’s light and very well made. It’s about as secure as you can make for adjustable front sight on the gen2. It threads on, one set screw on top and two underneath, 5-6 ft pounds torque on the two screws underneath and a locknut. After seeing this setup finally in person I feel its a “must have” mod in my opinion if your looking for a optimized front “iron” sight. It works really well with the MCarbo peep sight. I like the positive feel the ball bearings provide for the Red Lion sight and the adjustments have a nice positive feel. I am adding the Blitzkrieg front post to the Red Lion front sight assembly - I chose the bright orange post for my setup. The Chevron looks good too.

Again - this setup is not making the sub2000 heavy by any means.


@goretro77 Thank you. Maybe I can talk Santa in to bringing it to me. :christmas_tree: :gift:


I simply ordered a Blitzkreig orange chevron sight, removed the post and screwed in the chevron. Today I went to the range to sight it in, must have gotten lucky when I guessed how far to screw it in, as it was dead on for elevation. Couple clicks right and X-rings! Really like the fine aiming point the chevron gives you over a standard flat top ar-style sight.