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Front Sight Post Upgrade


No allen screw on mine since it’s the more updated version with the jam nut and thread protector being separate pieces.


Still probably wouldn’t be hard. Go out and shoot it to get it warmed up, hold the sight with a crescent over a rag and the wrench that comes with the sight fits on the nut for the muzzlebrake so it should work.


Not Hard … Take the thread nut off … loosen the set screw at the back of the factory sight and unscrew it …
The Red Lion sight will screw right on … It also has a set screw at the back, with two allen screws on the bottom and thread locking nut that recesses inside the front of the sight to tighten it up … The Trijicon sight post simply unscrews and the new one screws in, only be careful so that you don’t lose the retainer or spring … What I did, was put the Red Lion sight on, but held it is place with the thread locking nut and the set screw only without tightening down the bottom two allen screws … I then went to the range and sighted it in, prior to locking it down in place, this gave me the ability to adjust the placement of the sight, by simply unscrewing the set screw and loosening up the thread locking nut. I replaced the original thread nut with MCarbo’s muzzle break … The Red Lion sight didn’t move by using only the set screw, same as the manufactures sight … However over a period of time I would prefer to have the lock down features offered on the Red Lion sight any day, a single set screw vs a set screw, two allen screws and a thread lock nut …


What distance shooting ?


That was 25yds, this is sighting in the red dot at 50yds


Wondering what the professionals on the this chat boards opinion is-on which rear sight MCarbo to use (and why?) And which front sight (whether factory Kel-Tec or aftermarket sight) to use and why??


Tell us how the factory bits are work’n for you. What do you plan on shoot’n? E.g. daytime range toy won’t have any use for a tritium post.


My buddy at work who has a SUB2000 ordered a bunch of upgrade parts for his rifle, one of the things he ordered was the notched rear sight-I asked him why he didn’t order the peep sight and he replied that he finds it easier to acquire a target with notched sights than with peep sights.


I was thinking about ordering the peep sight and a Blitzkreig component front triangle sight post for mine. And was wanting opinions on which one was better than the other.


Factory sights are working fine for me, other than wanting the larger opening that MCarbo offers for the rear sight.


@Partsed Hey Ed, the MCARBO rear peep sight has a larger peep hole than the stock Kel-Tec rear peep making it much easier to see through and it’s a nice smooth machined aluminum hole. I like the peep over the notch because the peep hole lines up with the curve in the bottom of the stock front sight. The stock front Kel-Tec sight is very usable in stock form but you can upgrade the sight post with any aftermarket AR front sight post (like a painted chevron from Blitzkrieg Components) to make it easier to see. An upgraded front sight would be from Red Lion Precision and the biggest advantage is that it folds down so both front and rear sights could be folded down for use of a red dot that dosen’t have to sit really high up to clear a non-folding (stock) front sight. Hope this helps.


And the SUB is a backpack gun for when out in the “wilds” snowshoeing or hiking. I am not competent enough to shoot in competitions… :roll_eyes:

After looking at a lot of front sight posts I went with the Blitzkrieg chevron in orange. That "triangle" shaped design gives a finer aiming point than a typical flat top post. Also the orange color gives a great contrast so it's really fast to pick up and tends to show better under a wider range of lighting conditions.


That’s what I run for irons. Trit dot Blitz with MC Peep. Works wonderfully.

But I’m going to ditch both in favor of SeeAll Tritium Night plus gren laser with irons removed. Just waiting on the MC mount; already have sight delete bits from KT and Performance Services.


Go For It’ I Love the Blitzkreig Triangle Orange’ with My Update M*CARBO Peeper!! And yes I too love the Quick Site Plane with both.


@Dred are you going to remove entire front sight assembly ?
If so do you have a cover for the treads ?


The red lion front sights look bulky and heavy. Can anyone here advise if it makes it front end heavy.


Yes. I have 2 thread protector options. I have the Kel Tec thread protector that leaves my 1/2x28 threads available for muzzle devices and the Performance Services thread protector I bought before I learned it covers the sight threads and the 1/2x28s. I will be using the Kel Tec part 'cause I run a brake.


I did not know keltec had something like that I will call NOW to get it. Can you give me a picture of the setup ?


I cannot. Front sight stays installed until I get the MC Hinge Mount. But @Matt runs it on his Sub.

It is here: Front Sight Thread Protector