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Front Sight Post Upgrade


I went with the chevron, but in orange. The color shows in many light conditions and is often used for front sights on all types of weapons. Don’t believe i have ever seen a yellow front sight on a weapon, and I believe there is a reason for that. The tapered shape of the chevron gives you a much finer aiming point. The Blitzkreig is colored on both sides so adjustments can be made in half turn increments.


Several manufactures make Night Font Posts for AR’s that will fit on Sub 2K Gen 2’s … From small little slivers in the post to bulleye flat ones …


Front sight orange is great color. Stopped at the Dollar store & found nail polish 1 white for a base & bright orange with a brush inside. Works great when I want to use open sights. I normally use a pistol scope with a quick release mount w/high rings. This way I can use both with out taking the scope off. My eyes are not the same as at 35.


Can anyone tell me if this post will work?

Description says: “The ML31615 is a front sight only for use on AR style A1 and A2 rifles.” I am guessing “yes”…… since Keltec’s sight description is AR-style…


@bgeckle I would say yes. I have bought two front sight post that fit AR style front sight and they worked on my Sub-2000 as well as my Troy AR flip up sights.


Yes it will work, It was still hard to pick up for me And My Old eyes so I used the Krylon Brights Paint pens from local K Mart. And Painted my sight post on my Sub. My next choice would be the AR sights from BlitzKrieg Components!
With the Chevrons in Different High Lights of Color.and The Standard AR Post in the Same.


YES and No … I currently have them on my Sub 2k’s, but am awaiting a different type to be shipped … The problems: Keltec uses a 4 post hole tool and this one uses the 5 … Now this isn’t necessarily bad, but … but most 5 post hole tools will not fit this … The tool has to be modified as the depth of the tool is not deep enough to fit over the rotational part and the into the set part … Also that little sliver on the post is difficult to see, until your eyes dilate enough and you also have to be in total darkness … Finding it through a peep holes is almost impossible …


Myself like others with the Original rear Sight before the Update new Style I drilled it out 17/64 and had a wonderful View of the Front Post,for what it’s worth.


I did the very same thing.


UPDATE … Humm not so good … I initially installed the Trijicon front sight post that had a sliver of isotope going down the center, the one that used a 5 prong set tool, I installed them in two rifles … I then switched these out to the other version of the Trijicon that has a round isotope in the center of a flat piece that uses a 4 prong set tool … I actually liked the sight picture with the newer version a little better as the round one was easier to see then the sliver of isotope … I was at the range today and put about 200 rounds downrange and began tweeking the front sight in, when it fell apart … the post broke into 2 sections, the top half that adjusts the position of the isotope and the bottom half that screws in … I haven’t messed with the other one on the other rifle yet, but am not wondering if I should now pull it out … Not a good thing to happen in a critical situation … I sent Trijicon a email about it and will wait for their response …


I just installed the MCARBO notched rear sight and really like the sight picture now. The problem I am having is the front sight will not adjust high enough to match the taller MCARBO rear sight. Right now the front sight is so high it’s barely engaging the detent and at 25 yards I have to keep the top of the post even with the very bottom of the notch in the rear sight and then aim 2.5 to 3 inches low to hit the bullseye. The front post needs to be 1/16 to 3/32" taller. I like the taller rear sight, but it’s not acceptable unless I can get a taller front post. May just have to drill out the original rear sight slightly larger and use it until I can get a taller post.


17/64 on the Original rear sight and you’ll a sight plane and have the view people spend big bucks for beach front.


Just found I had more adjustment on the front post than I thought. I was afraid to go higher at the range because I thought the detent and spring might go flying. When I got home and inspected more I found that the detent wasn’t quite lined up with the cam marks in the post making it appear that I didn’t have much adjustment left. I have brought it up 6 more clicks now so off to the range again tomorrow for another sighting in session.


I got myself this set: https://www.amazon.com/KNS-AR15-Post-Sight-Black/dp/B007DN5QRO/

I use the one with a ball on top, and it’s tall enough and works fine with MCARBO notch.


Just sighted in the red lion front sight. Still running the stock rear so i pretty much had to bottom it out but it’s way easier to see. Results speak for it, this was the last 20 rounds.


Thanks for the link. Curious, what size ball did you get? I’m also using the MCARBO notch rear sight.


Red Lion Front Sight with Trijicon tritium post

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I’ll like that post.


How hard was that to install? Or, rather, how hard was it to get the stock front sight block off?


My sight twisted right off. Backed out the allen screw that holds it and it came off by hand.